Ovations' new identity gets a big hand

Business performance improvement specialist Ovations unveiled their new corporate identity at the end of last year with the help of global brand consultancy Enterprise IG. With a fresh face that is clean, simple and progressive - indicative of their approach to solving their clients' challenges - Ovations has carved its own niche in a playing field of staid, old school and formal management consultant competitors.
Ovations' new identity gets a big hand - Brand UnionSays Marketing Manager Brenda Wille, "The logo has been designed to be clean, uncluttered, bold and dynamic. It captures the straightforward, powerful, energetic essence of our brand."

Enterprise IG was initially enlisted to assist with Ovations' visual language, but soon identified the need to revise their identity in order to align the company's progressive personality with its future goals and direction.

"The previous identity was demure and apologetic in lowercase type, whereas the character of the organisation is confident and bold", says Lisa Pires, Account Manager for Enterprise IG.

Ovations Marketing Manager Brenda Wille adds, "It was important to us that our clients should find the new brand relevant and engaging. We wanted something that could graphically depict that we are different, to show we 'think differently'. But at the same time we wanted something that illustrates a personal approach that is direct and simple. In the end, it came down to choosing a brand that we could all believe in," continues Wille.

Research revealed that there was a lack of differentiation among key players in the market and Ovations spotted the gap. Their difference is their personal approach, honesty and commitment, enabled by its smaller size. Ovations pride themselves on being different and so required an identity that is a departure from the conventional.

The new identity has been well-received. Says Wille, "It has helped instil greater pride and unity in our staff who are positively looking forward to a brand-new future for the company."

The eight-year-old organisation currently operates from Gauteng but will soon extend their reach internationally. They are confident that their world-class identity will enable them to do this.

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