Clover on the moooove

If, to your surprise, you've spied a bunch of daisies and a happy cow zooting past you in downtown traffic lately, chances are you've just spotted one of Clover's funky new vehicles on the move. Splashed with upbeat, cartoon-like cows and flowers alike, the colourful Clover cars are taking dairy out of the kitchen and on to the streets.
Clover on the moooove - Brand Union
Clover on the moooove - Brand Union
Says CEO Johan Vorster, "As one of South Africa's oldest brands, Clover is constantly on the look out for new opportunities to express itself and we found this an exciting way to increase visibility." He adds, "Clover constantly reinvents itself - to keep fresh looking, fun and contemporary."

And there's no doubt that Clover will be turning heads with these funky, delightful and light-hearted staff cars.

One of the country's most well-loved brands, Clover has been keeping South Africans in milk and dairy products for over a century. Following a packaging redesign in 2004 to contemporise the dairy house's image, Clover decided to extend this sense of modernity and fun into its eye-catching staff cars, proudly charioted by Clover employees who are literally behind the driving seat of their brand's values.

Designed by brand strategy consultancy Enterprise IG and applied by Graffiti, the designs of cows, fields and flowers are all existing icons on Clover's brand palette, but are now administered in a fresh, new way that engages and delights its customers and consumers alike.

With the confidence to have fun with a trusted and well-loved brand, Clover strives to be progressive and responsive to the changing needs of its customers, keeping them rewarded by consistently supplying them with dairy products of the highest quality and best taste that they have come to trust over the years, as well as refreshing beverages such as Tropika, Manhattan Iced Tea and Aquartz water.

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9 Oct 2006 14:10