Enterprise IG shortlisted for Business Day/BASA award

In recognition of their generous pro bono work for the South African Ballet Theatre, brand design consultancy Enterprise IG has been shortlisted for an award in the ninth annual Business Day/BASA awards which honours businesses supporting the arts.
Enterprise IG shortlisted for Business Day/BASA award - Brand UnionThe award-winning agency's contribution features in the Single Project category which applauds outstanding sponsorship of one or a series of projects by one organisation. Enterprise IG is the only branding and design agency recognised among this year's line-up of nominees.

After the closure of the State Theatre in Pretoria in 2000, six dancers from the defunct State Ballet Theatre joined forces to form a new company that was "for dancers, by dancers" and that would keep ballet alive in Gauteng. And so the South African Ballet Theatre (SABT) was born.

"The South African Ballet Theatre wanted to attract a new audience to the ballet," says David Blyth, MD of Enterprise IG. "In a country where a vast majority of the population perceive ballet to be a white, elitist activity, we aspired to create a corporate identity that would appeal to a multicultural audience, as well as reflect both classical ballet and contemporary productions. In addition, the new look needed to please existing customers."

The resultant identity was a deliberate move towards something that is visually engaging, accessible and holds wide appeal to a previously overlooked market. Dynamic, contemporary and suggestive of the movement of two interacting dancers, the typographic solution makes use of warm, earthy tones that depart from the traditional ballet mode, while still retaining traditional, soft and emotive references.

Says Dirk Badenhorst, CEO South African Ballet Theatre: "From the outset we were impressed by the sensitivity and understanding with which Enterprise IG were able to connect to and interpret the ethos of South African Ballet Theatre. They have given us a corporate image which blends traditional concepts of the beauty of ballet with a dynamic South African thrust. And in doing this project on a pro bono basis Enterprise IG has made a contribution to the performing arts and to South African Ballet Theatre that we deeply value and appreciate."

"Having seen the inspiring work the theatre was undertaking among previously disadvantaged communities, we were honoured to contribute our services and expertise where possible," says Blyth.

As the custodians of the South African Ballet Theatre brand, Enterprise IG enjoys an ongoing relationship with the South African Ballet Theatre, providing ongoing brand support, creative work and review of their marketing initiatives, and will undoubtedly continue supporting the arts in future.

The awards will be presented on May 29.

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10 May 2006 09:10


Desre Murray
Enterprise IG are most deserving of this award-
Enterprise IG have been doing pro bono work for Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand for a period of four years. Their professionalism is without question and their willingness to provide a superb service without charge is commendable. I hope that they win this award.
Posted on 12 May 2006 15:30