Activating demand through Sixth Sense Marketing

"We wanted people to have had a great experience, even though they had not physically played the game." As discussed in a previous article Exp. recently attended an International Experiential Summit in the USA, and were pleasantly surprised to find that as an experiential agency, we are up with the best, if not ahead of the game when it comes to true engagement with consumers.
The quotation used above illustrates how Jennifer Tweed (Marketing Manager, Microsoft XBox, USA) understands the value of experiential marketing as part of her brands strategic plan, whilst showing engagement can activate demand.

As a result of this strategy - 'wanting people experience without actually playing' - unprecedented sales were experienced on launch day.

The requirement to activate demand is to move a consumers brand experience from that of brand-in-mind to brand-in-hand and ultimately to brand-in-heart. What this means is that as marketers we have to craft messaging that taps directly into the consumers 'sixth' or emotional sense.

Think of a roller coaster simulator ride at an amusement park. The sense of 'sight' (visuals) 'sound' (soundtrack) and 'motion' all combine to give the consumer a 'white knuckle' reason-to-believe that they are really on a roller coaster ride. The trick then in an experiential solution, is to create and replicate this 'emotional' trigger and associate it (unequivocally) to a Brand. The benefit to the brand is that it will have more impact on the consumer than that of a one dimensional use of a 'sense' in a communications campaign.

Exp.'s Sixth Sense MarketingTM is about igniting the passion of the consumer with the power of a Big Idea, an idea that connects your brand with the consumer at just the right point, in just the right way, at the exact right moment. It is about getting consumers to willingly be a part of the activation, opening up to the experience and thus opening up to the Brand opportunity. It is about making maximum use of the 5 senses in communicating key messages to a selected target audience... deepening their personal understanding and brand experience, and building longer lasting relationships between the brand and the consumer.

Exp. is Africa's largest and leading experiential agency, activating demand for leading Brands through unique solutions that personally and emotively connect with carefully targeted consumers. Our tools of the trade include Sponsorship Marketing, Brand Activation (Event Marketing - dedicated and syndicated options; Promotion Marketing; Retail Marketing & Conferences), Social Programming, PR Marketing and Measurement.

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