Exp to host the 3rd African Experiential Marketing Summit

Exp will be hosting the 3rd African Experiential Marketing Summit at Montecasino, Johannesburg on 20th October 2010.
Exp to host the 3rd African Experiential Marketing Summit - EXP
Initiated in 2007 as a summit to drive thought leadership for the experiential marketing category, which includes sponsorship marketing, we have over the years had industry leaders such as Martin Lindstrom, Bernd Schmidt, Jack Morton Worldwide, The GiGunda Agency and Kim Skildum-Reid present learning's and case studies to delegates from across the African continent.

This year is no different and we are very privileged to be bringing to South Africa for the first time, Dan Hanover, Editor & Publisher of the Event Marketer magazine (USA) - the largest network of experiential marketing content in the world - and Kevin Jackson, Sales and Marketing Director of Jack Morton Worldwide (UK) - a world leading experiential marketing agency.

Presentation topics of this year's summit include:

The Experiential Revolution & Top Trends, Dan Hanover.
The realm of face-to-face marketing is evolving in real-time as power brands around the world use live events to connect, engage and convert customers. Opening up this year's conference, as one of the world's foremost experts on experiential marketing, Dan shines his spotlight on this evolving discipline, from who's doing what and why to where the concept of a "brand experience" is headed to the top trends reshaping our industry. See how tactical events are getting strategic makeovers. Learn the power of how such red-hot trends as social media and word-of-mouth are changing the event sector. See how the rules of experiential marketing are being rewritten RIGHT NOW.

Event Marketers Top 30 Events, Dan Hanover
Buckle up and get ready for an action-packed look at top trends in action. Go inside and then outside dozens of event marketing case studies from such companies as Red Bull, Burger King, American Express, General Electric, Nokia, Nike, Lexus and more. Learn about the objectives, the ideas, the execution and results. See video tours of the experiences, and gain a true perspective on where experiential marketing is, and where it's headed.

Live + Digital, Dan Hanover
The live marketing industry is getting an upgrade and digital tools, social media and the Internet finally give marketers the power to start conversations before an event and then amplify engagements after. Get a look at the digital revolution reshaping your event marketing toolbox. Find out what's happening and why, how you need to start embracing digital, and see examples of social media and digital connections in action.

Brand Experience - Experience Brands, Kevin Jackson, Jack Morton (UK)
Marketers agree that brands today are more than just the name and the logo. Brands today are about ideas, emotions, and communities. I' d go further and say that whereas most of the world sees brands as nouns, Jack Morton see brands as verbs. That gives us a distinctive point of view. Brands have to be active... and I believe that if you look at today's most successful brands, you'll find that what really makes them stand out, what really distinguishes and differentiates them in the minds and hearts of their customers, is the experiences they create. But for all brands, today, more than ever, experiences really matter. 99% of the ways that people interact with brands today happens outside what we think of as "traditional media" (TV, print). We're the agency for that other 99%. In this presentation I will show what makes an experience brand, how to become an experience brand and why experience brands are so important in today's world.

For more information, go to www.expagency.biz.

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