Destination devotion

Ryan Fitzsimons, CEO of The Gigunda Group, enthralled delegates at the 2nd African Experiential Marketing Summit with his presentation on Destination Devotion.
How do you turn your product into a brand into a brand badge - which is when you get consumers to fall in love with your brand? Everyone can lead with price, but how do you get to the purpose of the brand?

"If we're seeking destination devotion, it means were looking for quality trial opportunities (QTOs) - how can we introduce someone to the brand or reintroduce them to a brand that breaks the mould. This is when we need innovation. Our definition is the following: innovative QTOs only happen when brands discover and maximise those crucial points of highest untapped potential," says Fitzsimons.

He continued to say that it's only in identifying those crucial points that you can create truly new situations, methods or approaches that break through and stop people in their tracks to deliver a quality trial opportunities... it's only by stopping people that we are able to get consumers to lean forward, take notice and involve them to create brand fit.

Fitzsimons says that marketers must supplement marketing plans/approaches with innovative and INVOLVING BRAND CONTENT that will ultimately show your target exactly how your brand fits!

When you deliver innovative QTOs you involve consumers and this is what happens:
  • Innovative QTOs drive sales by showing your target exactly how to use the brand, why they need it and how it fits in their life
  • Innovative QTOs are placed into the target's lifestyle landscape at the right time and place
  • Innovative QTOs screams what your brand is all about... so the programme is ownable, definable and undeniable.
  • Innovative QTOs allow your target to create their personal brand message which ends up as a direct descendant of your boardroom message.
  • The Holy Grail: the target spreads that message.

"Leading with innovation leads to buzz. But starting buzz is not the same as sustaining it. You have to constantly give your target market and the press something new and exciting to talk about. So build an episodic framework and remember that as marketers you start this but you don't finish it. The brands we talk about most are those that continuously involve us and provide us innovative reasons to talk about them," says Fitzsimons.

According to Fitzsimons, price gets us to purpose but there's a deeper meaning behind purpose - what is the core of the brand, the truth? There are three moments of truth:
  • The first moment of truth - this happens in-store when consumers touch the product on the shelf
  • The second moment of truth - this is what happens when the product is purchased
  • The third moment of truth - this is everything in-between. This is where experiential comes in; outside of the comfort zones and the biggest moment of impact.

"If we're trying to involve people, there has to be friction. If you want to involve a consumer in your brand, you have to leverage fundamental insights. In doing so, your brand is not only front and centre in a truly relevant way, you're delivering a solution. But it only becomes a brand-badge hero by reeking of both the duh-factor and we-get-you factor. And that's when consumers will further adopt a brand/service because now they truly understand how it fit with your brand," says Fitzsimons.

Involvement plus friction equals destination devotion.

10 Sep 2008 12:48


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