The changing face of brand communications

The following is a summary of Andy Rice, chairman of Yellowwood Future Architects' presentation from the 2nd African Experiential Marketing Summit.
"The change of pace is happening so quickly, so much so that the whole philosophy of marketing needs to be changed.

"Media clutter: a common theme of researchers is to tell us how many messages we are bombarded with every day - it doesn't matter the number, what matters is that we have too many. We can't process them, especially with the opportunity to advertise absolutely everywhere. And yet with all this new media being created everyday, and even with the admittance from media owners that it's cluttered, what do we do? We create new media. This isn't just about clutter; it's about media proliferation beyond all reasonableness.

"The way to break through is to stop acting as media and advertising. Our brains are hotwired to be attracted to those things that interest us. So, entertainment first, brand message later; this is the trick to breaking through this media clutter. Is it any wonder that consumers choose their own media carefully, and that they often ignore 'traditional' media in the process? So marketers look to new media. which makes sense considering the lifestyles of youngsters etc.

"But we get stuck when we start thinking that new media is in, and old media is out. It's not about or, it's about and. It's about trading up. New media work particularly well when they are seen as complementary to traditional media. It's the integration of these that pave the way for the future. New media are the catalyst for a handover of power from brand owners. The consumer owns the brand - this used to always be said, but now there's some truth in it. The Internet is word of mouth of steroids.

"What marketers offer is no longer enough; instead who's doing the offering is now just as important. We're seeing the rise and rise of the corporate brand. Brands are no longer about the demand side only - now the reputation lies in the ethics of the organisation that brought the brand. Hence the rise of CSR and CSI."

There are four major areas that are changing the face of marketing:
• Media proliferation
• Empowered consumer
• Corporate brand
• Staff alignment.

"Last year plus 10% isn't good enough anymore. Conversations are replacing markets and military (aka marketing) language is obsolete."

Consider brands to be like your children. When they leave home
• Give them values
• Give them authenticity
• Give them personality
• Give them openness
• And let them thrive.

9 Sep 2008 11:14


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