Influencing the influencers

Issued by: EXP | 11 Aug 2008 11:22
Carol Abade, Group CEO of Exp, will be presenting a keynote speech on Influencing the Influencers at the African Experiential Marketing Summit on 3 September 2008, in Johannesburg.
In today's marketing environment, the term "influencing the influencers" normally refers to the online space - blogs, social networking etc. But word of mouth has always been around; it's now simply adding another dimension, in this case digital media, to its appeal. But as Carol Abade, CEO of Exp. explains, it's not just about telling someone is great. “Influencing goes beyond word of mouth into conviction. It is not about simply passing on information but about passing on the experience linked to real belief of the brand promise.”

Word of mouth, especially using new digital mediums, has also levelled the playing fields for brands, especially those that don't possess enormous marketing budgets. “Frankly, word of mouth is not new to marketing, it is only now being defined as a key for brands that have niche appeal and cannot always employ mass media to get their messages out there,” says Abade.

The key to influencing the influencers however, is finding them, and this can be as easy as looking at your existing customers. “They are mostly long-term loyal consumers, whose reason for use of the brand is tied to the long term relationship that they have had with the brand,” says Abade.

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11 Aug 2008 11:22


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