President Jacob Zuma appoints Thato Mahapa to the MDDA Board

The President of the Republic of South Africa (His Excellency, President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma), acting in terms of Section 4 (1) (c) read with Section 7 (2) of the MDDA Act, appointed Mr Thato Mahapa (from the broadcasting industry) with effect from the 19th July until 31st December 2011, to complete the unexpired term of office of Mr Dan Moyane.
Mr Mahapa started his career at the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) where he served as a Licensing Officer and as Manager - Compliance (ECN/S) until December 2010. He was extensively involved in its functions of licensing, compliance monitoring as well as other regulatory responsibilities. He also served on various committees including the licensing of subscription broadcasting services, the license conversion process, the prescription of Annual Licence Fees Regulations, the Review of Universal Service and Access obligations, the prescription of Regulations on USAF contributions and also led some of the projects. In January 2011, he then joined TopTV as the Senior Manager - Regulatory Affairs. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulatory responsibilities of the company as well as providing support to all business divisions, working closely with the Legal Division. As part of this role, he also represents the company on the National Association of Broadcasters Executive Committee. He obtained his LLB Degree at Wits University in 2006.

The Agency is very pleased to welcome Mr Mahapa into the ranks of the Agency and commits itself to working with and supporting him. We look forward to his leadership and guidance in the governance of the Agency and the pursuit of the mandate enshrined in the MDDA Act. Mr Mahapa (as a Board member) will take an oath or affirmation on the 28th July 2011, committing himself to fairness, freedom of expression, openness and accountability, and upholding and protecting the Constitution and other laws of the Republic.

The MDDA would also like to again take this opportunity to thank the outgoing board member, Mr Dan Moyane, for his dedication and hard work. We also thank the broadcasting industry (through the National Association of Broadcaster, NAB) for its continued support for the noble agenda in terms of the MDDA Act and nominating the person of Mr Mahapa experience and expertise for consideration by the President. Welcoming Mr Mahapa, the Minister in the Presidency, Mr Collins Chabane, said, "We are confident that your contribution will be invaluable and that you will serve to the best of your abilities and wish you well in this regard."

25 Jul 2011 21:15