MDDA Board meeting with PMSA Board

Today, the 14th December 2010 marks a meeting of the Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) and Print Media South Africa (PMSA). (PMSA includes Media 24 Ltd, CTP Limited, Independent Newspapers Ltd and Avusa Ltd.)
The meeting being one of the normal interactions between the partners discussed a number of issues of common interest ranging from an update on MDDA achievements and challenges, media transformation, media diversity, editorial independence, skills and enterprise development, common understanding of challenges faced by print media in the current technology era (for established and start up print enterprises), differences of business models between print and broadcasting media, etc.

The PMSA complimented the MDDA for its achievements. PMSA acknowledged that the MDDA is well run, professional and is a quality organisation, driving its vision and mission according to its establishing act.

PMSA raised concerns regarding the MDDA's research report on trends of ownership and control done by Z-coms, July 2009. Significant progress had been made by the print industry on transformation including on ownership. The meeting acknowledged that a lot of changes had taken place since the report was published. PMSA tabled that it had adopted the BEE scorecard as a measurement for transformation for the industry.

The meeting noted that the July 2009 research was a beginning and agreed to partner in conducting a new research looking at all the elements of the BEE scorecard including ownership and control. The aim is to prepare a print industry research prior to the planned Parliamentary public hearings on media transformation and diversity. Further, the parties agreed to partner in respect of future industry research, skills development, maximising value for training, academy collaborations and any other related work. The parties agreed on partnership, common understanding of the developments in the industry, regular meaningful dialogues aimed at finding optimal solutions and on working together.

The Agency thanked the Government (whose valuable support for the Agency through GCIS and the Presidency has made its work manageable) and the funding partners both broadcast and print media. The parties committed to continue join hands in assisting the building of an environment where a diverse, vibrant and creative media flourishes and reflects the needs of all South Africans.

14 Dec 2010 09:52