MDDA congratulates Inanda FM for going on air

More voices, more information, more communication platforms, democracy is benefitting. These are the words of Lumko Mtimde, the Chief Executive of the Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) as he announced the going on air of Inanda FM on Friday 27th March 2009.
MDDA congratulates Inanda FM for going on air
Inanda FM became operational in 2003, using a special events license at the Bat Centre, after Durban Youth Radio closed down.

The area where the radio station is based is called INK nodal development area. INK is an acronym that means Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu, an area designated as an urban renewal area. The radio was granted a four-year broadcasting license by ICASA from 30th March 2006 to March 2010 to broadcast to the community of Inanda and surrounding areas.

Inanda Community Radio Station's mandate is to facilitate development through communication by encouraging dialogue, so people can participate in their own development. Inanda FM was licensed by ICASA as part of a group of about 15 identified community radio frequencies in the nodal development point areas throughout the country. These community radio stations were licensed to add value to the government programme, Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Plan and Strategy to ensure that certain areas based in remote rural and urban centres are prioritised for development processes.

The radio station is the fourth to go on air in the category of community radio stations that are based in the nodal development areas. The first community radio station to go on air was Alfred Nzo Community Radio, based in Mount Ayliff in the Eastern Cape in Alfred Nzo District Municipality. The second was Forte Community Radio in Amatole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape. The third is Vibe FM, also situated in KwaMashu within the Ethekwini Metropolitan Municipality.

“The MDDA is proud to be associated with Inanda Community Radio Station. The area carries a very rich historical background and counts respected leaders such as John Langalibalele Dube and Mahatma Gandhi as some of its original residents. Inanda Community Radio Station was established as a means to breach a gap in the previously information poor community of Inanda and must continue to serve as a platform through which the community can facilitate development processes and service delivery to its citizens,” says Mr Lumko Mtimde, Chief Executive Officer of the MDDA.

The station works closely with community organisations and is also involved in special projects and outreach programmes that deal with health, women's issues, children and people with disabilities.

MDDA encourages Inanda FM to work closely with policy makers and other stakeholders in the area, in order to grow in stature and sustain itself. But most importantly Inanda FM should stay in touch with its community and always offer its people a platform to tell their stories and to help change perspectives.

People need information so that they can participate fully in democratic issues and Inanda FM is the ideal tool to take the community of Inanda to higher levels of achievement. All this is thanks to the community of INK, thanks to the MDDA, Department of Communications (DoC) and other supporters of Inanda FM.

2 Apr 2009 14:13