The MDDA congratulates Vibe FM, in KwaMashu, on going on air!

The Media Development and Diversity Agency wishes to convey its joy and a congratulatory note to Vibe FM, who went on air on Friday 20th of March 2009. Vibe FM is situated in KwaMashu within the Ethekwini Metropolitan Municipality.
The MDDA congratulates Vibe FM, in KwaMashu, on going on air!The area where the radio station is based is called INK nodal development area. INK is an acronym that means Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu, an area designated as an urban renewal area. The radio station has been granted a four-year broadcasting licence since 5th April 2007 to May 2011 to broadcast to the community of KwaMashu and surrounding areas. Working together with the community the station produces and broadcasts quality programmes to address socio-economic issues that the community faces.

Vibe FM, a community radio station, was licensed by ICASA as part of a group of about 15 identified community radio frequencies in the nodal development point areas throughout the country. These community radio stations were licensed to enhance the government programme, Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Plan (strategy) to ensure that certain areas based in remote rural and urban centres are prioritised for development.

The radio station is the third to go on air in the category of community radio stations that are based in the nodal development areas. The first community radio station to go on air was Alfred Nzo Community Radio station based in Mount Ayliff in the Eastern Cape in Alfred Nzo District Municipality. The second was Forte Community Radio in Amatole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

“The going on air of Vibe FM is a celebration of yet another community radio station whose purpose is to provide access to information to the impoverished community of KwaMashu. This will further enable the community to have a voice, and to play a meaningful role in the development of KwaMashu and its people,” says Mr Mtimde.

The radio station is established as a means to breach a gap in the previously information poor community of KwaMashu and is set to serve as a platform through which the community can facilitate development processes and service delivery to the community KwaMashu and surrounding areas.

Mr Mtimde also wishes the station all the success and encourages the community of the licensed area to ensure ownership and control of this medium of communication. As a community radio station, Vibe FM has an important task lying ahead, to make sure that the community of KwaMashu, which was voiceless, now has a voice through the radio station.

Vibe FM should serve the community by amongst others, providing quality information, serve as a platform of communication, develop relevant programming to the needs of the community and also provide entertainment and education to its listeners.

In conclusion, Mr Mtimde further stressed that Vibe FM's most important role is to serve as a platform on which all community members can discuss, debate and reflect on diverse issues that will contribute towards nation building. The station should focus much of its attention on the role of news and information in human and socio-economic growth and serve as a catalyst for positive and progressive development.

1 Apr 2009 11:04