Happy 90th birthday, Madiba!

Today, we all celebrate the life of a revered statesman, a freedom fighter and the country's first democratically elected President, who spent his life serving his people. The Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) joins the people of Mvezo, Qunu, Eastern Cape, South Africa, the African continent and the whole world in honoring this hero, the son of the soil for a remarkable life, courage and vision, who fought tirelessly for our freedom. We also celebrate what South Africa has achieved over the past years under the leadership of your party, the ANC.
These values and freedoms included the freedom of the media which is affirmed in the constitutional democratic order that prevails today. Our birthday gift to you, the father of the world, is by pledging to work tirelessly and ensure that all citizens can access information in a language of their choice and contributing to the transformation of media access, ownership and control patterns in South Africa. This will go a long way in giving meaning and content to the celebrations and to our defence for media freedom.

Happy 90th birthday Tata and congratulations. We continue to cherish the ideal of a democratic and free society, in which media owned and controlled by a diversity, will reflect the South African society at large. We look forward to celebrating 100 years with you. Khula ukhokhobe.
18 Jul 2008 13:02