NCRF's response to the MDDA CEO's departure/end of term

The NCRF has noted with shock the imminent departure of the MDDA's CEO Mr Lumko Mtimde. The NCRF will monitor very closely that this departure is not seen as an opportunity for those against media diversity to take leadership of the MDDA.
NCRF's response to the MDDA CEO's departure/end of term
Mr Mtimde through his sterling leadership has been able to transform our media in RSA. His achievements in the MDDA include the following:
  1. Today over 92% of our community radios possess digital studios.
  2. Over 50% of community broadcasters have mobile outside broadcasting units.
  3. Over 2051 people from community broadcasters and community and small commercial print media.
  4. Over the past ten (10) years the MDDA has been able to achieve a clean audit (unqualified audit report); this is a significant demonstration of a unique leadership by Mr Mtimde and his team.
  5. More than 241 bursaries awarded in media studies.
  6. Creation of partnership that encourages media diversity and capacity building.
  7. Major research project done in community media.
  8. Regular workshop and training regarding compliance are held to ensure good governance in community media.
  9. Publication of toolkits for both community broadcasters and community and small commercial print.
  10. Continuing support towards excellence in community media through the MDDA/SANLAM local media awards.
This achievement has indeed encouraged media diversity and we are currently benefitting from the fruits of these achievements:
  1. Today over 122 community radios has been licensed.
  2. More community televisions are licensed.
  3. Over 8.5 million communities listen to community radio.
  4. Currently community television covers over 10 million viewership.
  5. Readership of community and small commercial newspapers increased to more than three million.
  6. Excellency in indigenous language s has increased, today communities' listens to community media through their own language.
  7. Encouragement of in-depth and investigative writing and reporting in community media.
  8. Stability in leadership and management of community media.
  9. Promotion of media literacy (culture of reading) in our communities.
  10. Enhancement of internal assessment of community media through the local media awards.
All this achievement specified above are within the mandate of the MDDA.

Therefore as the NCRF we strongly believe that these achievements of the 10 years of MDDA are not easily eroded, it is important that it is known that the NCRF has an interest in any person who will take over from the legacy created by Mr Mtimde and his team we will not allow any community media-bashers.

6 Feb 2014 08:46