It's sky high for VWV and Castle Milk Stout

The VWV Group was recently appointed to execute the repositioning of the brand, Castle Milk Stout. This brief culminated into a repositioning experience targeted at a fresh market, and one that saw the new Castle Milk Stout drinking ritual come to life - that of: pour, pause, sip, enjoy!
It's sky high for VWV and Castle Milk Stout - VWV Group
Being an award-winning agency it was not surprising that the team at VWV were tasked to execute the 'Pause in the Sky' concept as a memorable way to present 'pour, pause, sip, enjoy' to the target market. CEO of the VWV Group, Abey Mokgwatsane said, "The concept was the perfect match for the Castle Milk Stout ritual - which is imperative to any great campaign and what made it so successful was the experience of engaging the senses and create a brand world in line with the marketing strategy."

Along with media partners Kaya FM, Metro FM and Gagasi FM, a multi-disciplinary competition was launched where listeners were invited to respond to a call to entry that encouraged the posting of a true to life story about a trip with friends, that went horribly wrong, on the station's web site. The most engaging stories were selected and the on-air winners were invited, along with three friends, to a 'Pause in the Sky' event.

Mokgwatsane added, "With our target consumers 'in the house' and well positioned for a product trial, it was left up to VWV to give them a 360 degree brand experience. The ritual was brought to life by the revolving bar sporting three sections: 'pour, pause and sip'. The crowd loved the concept of the rotating bar stools starting with 'pour' where the barmen demonstrated how to pour the perfect stout. The 'pause' section of the bar was used to capitalise on educating the guests on the brand; the 'sip' area was the culmination of the senses where the stout was sampled.

It's sky high for VWV and Castle Milk Stout - VWV Group
In addition, a 'pause experience area' treated guests to a complimentary shoe shine, and invited them to try their hand at the poker table. The evening's entertainment was top notch with performances by local artists. Excitingly, in Jozi a first time collaboration was successfully staged between artists, Black Coffee, Zakes Bantwini, and Kilamafra,

"There were so many great components to the evening but being hoisted 60 metres up in the sky by an industrial crane for a Castle Milk Stout and a food pairing was the highlight for most," said Mokgwatsane.

The events were triplicated at the Turbine Hall in Jozi, The Pretoria Show grounds, and a much sought after event at the Durban July. "However this was more than just a series of events, it was a complete brand repositioning experience. What transpired was a stout that came to life and a crowd that successfully savoured the taste, and the moment.

It's sky high for VWV and Castle Milk Stout - VWV Group
"The Durban event was particularly exhilarating, with the crowd arriving with great enthusiasm to take their place in the sky. "The combination of horses, high fashion and the perfect day to take to the sky made for a perfect outing," said Mokgwatsane.

Following the popular trend of linking live events to social media platforms, hostesses offered guests an opportunity to interact via iPads. What resulted was them being photographed, uploading pics on twitter and tagging themselves on Facebook, as well as being entertained by the live twitter stream displayed on screens. "Social media is always a great way to reach a wider audience instantaneously," said Mokgwatsane.

"Judging from the crowd's enthusiastic response, the events were all a success - and no doubt a Castle Milk Stout and a paired meal in the sky, is something that won't easily be forgotten," concluded Mokgwatsane.

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1 Aug 2011 12:27