VWV prepares a feast for Hamlet Foundation

As one of its CSI initiatives for the year, leading specialist communications agency VWV staged the Hamlet Foundation's annual awards ceremony and fundraising banquet at the Kyalami Castle. The Hamlet Foundation cares for intellectually challenged adults and children in and around Johannesburg, and VWV's involvement was no small contribution, given that 520 guests were in attendance.
The evening was an enormous success with corporates and members of the public giving generously. The children and adults from the foundation produced wonderfully creative paintings and drawings that were sold on the evening. In total over R665,000 was raised for the foundation. The children and adults that will benefit from the money are among those who are victims of genetic flaws, birth complications, and drug abuse by mothers during pregnancy. Their prospects are particularly grim and they will have a life long dependence on the good will and generosity of others.

Segri Subrumuny, CEO of The Hamlet Foundation says, “For 50 years the Hamlet Foundation has served as a gentle and serene sanctuary where the afflicted can find their rhythm among others with similar limitations. At our school, residential centre and workshop, we endeavour to build dignity through teaching basic skills and encouraging self respect through simple employment. At the Hamlet foundation every day is as raw and as real as life gets.”

VWV's involvement with the Hamlet Foundation dates back 14 years and Mark Steinhobel, Chairman of VWV, adds, “Recognising that the Hamlet Foundation is overwhelmingly funded by the generosity of others, VWV wanted to contribute what we do best. Through our work we found a way to honour those whose lives have limitations, recognising them, and celebrating the courage and grace with which they embrace the challenge of every day life.”

Besides staging its annual banquet VWV has also produced three promotional DVD's for the Hamlet Foundation. “In spite of being a CSI project VWV treats Hamlet as a paying client and the dedication of our staff to this project is awe-inspiring. We believe it falls on us who are astute and in control of our lives to assist those less fortunate. With this in mind I feel proud to be part of a company with such a warm and generous heart,” adds Steinhobel.

For more information on transforming perceptions and inspiring actions visit www.vwv.com or call Simone Innes on 011 799-2600.

25 Nov 2008 13:53


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