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Business growth & brand engagement JustPlay gives businesses an opportunity to put surveys to the South African public. With over 230,000 JustPlayers signed up to answer surveys to enter competitions, we can help your business generate leads, build lists and engage consumers...

Lead Generation
Users want to answer our surveys because of the great prizes we give away. The questions are designed to promote relevant products or services according to your prescribed characteristics and locate hot leads. For example, if you are a short-term car insurance company looking to sell a new product, you'll only want leads who own a vehicle and have enough income to purchase insurance. The initial questions will determine this before asking whether the client wants to be quoted.

List Building
Surveys can also be used to build a subscription base for an online newsletter or other targeted communication about your product or service. At the end of a survey JustPlayers are asked if they would like to join the mailing list.

They still enter the competition even if they choose not to. This has proved to be more fruitful than passively waiting for consumers to sign up.

Brand Engagement
Use the questions in your surveys to inform consumers of new products or services. You can also use it to research the reach of an advertising campaign, or determine consumer reaction to your brand.

It only takes 48 hours to get from your campaign live on our site and we provide you with login details so you can access reports as and when you need it. Contact us to get your survey on JustPlay!