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Resource Design Press Office
Resource Design is primarily an exhibition company with a strong emphasis on the use of true eco friendly products.
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South African Council of Shopping Centres 2017 ExpoA positive and progressive thinking association, the SACSC, allowed us the freedom to design yet another winner in sustainable design and materials to create a custom look and feel of re-usable/rented stands. 10 Oct 2017 Read more

Vote of no confidence - secret ballot voting boothsThis event made headlines last week with voting for the motion of no confidence in Parliament. For the first time ever MPs were allowed to vote in secret. 17 Aug 2017 Read more

Meetings Africa 2017WESGRO were delighted to hear that the their stand (designed and built by Resource Design) at Meetings Africa 2017 won the stand of the show. 4 Feb 2017 Read more

Greenery is Colour of the YearThere's a growing desire to reconnect with nature and what is real. Go green may not be revolutionary in 2017, but has reached a crescendo this year. 2 Jan 2017 Read more

Resource Design at Sustainable Brands	2016As one of the main sponsors of Sustainable Brands 2016, P&G asked Resource Design to design and build the stand. 4 Apr 2016 Read more

Introducing the Xboard 1board wonderMade from lx Xboard panel, the Xboard 1board wonder gives an interesting three dimension feel and can be used as an alternative to the usual roll up banner. 4 Apr 2015 Read more

Resource Design at Wines of South AfricaWines of South Africa promotes the export of all South African Wines to the international market. 4 Mar 2014 Read more