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Rooftop Productions is a full service Video Agency renowned for Content Strategy, Production and Delivery. Our team of 25 people work to create mind blowing video content!
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Fairytale video shines light on South Sudan conflict and educationHow do we get people to care about what's happening in the world? How do we draw attention to crisis situations most of us don't even know exist? 11 Oct 2017 Read more

Homegrown video wins hearts of South Africans everywhereA truly South African story of deep and lasting friendship - that cuts across time, space and difference - has been watched by nearly half a million South Africans since its release this month, and has inspired an outpouring of hope-filled comments. 21 Sep 2017 Read more

UNICEF Born into Danger PSA hits home for online audiencesA PSA produced for UNICEF by Rooftop Productions is bringing the plight of mothers giving birth to babies in conflict zones a lot closer to home for online audiences. Created as part of UNICEF's global #FightUnfair campaign, the piece met UNICEF's goal of creating relatable content for global social media audiences, becoming the best performing video on Facebook for the UN in 2015 with close to 12 million views online. 10 Mar 2016 Read more

How to ensure your next online video hits them right between the eyesFor anyone in the media industry today, one thing's for sure - you can't expect what worked yesterday to work tomorrow. Especially when it comes to the unpredictable world of online video. So, is there any surefire way to hit the mark with your next video? 3 Aug 2015 Read more

Creative storytelling a winner for global NGO and local production houseExploring the power of creative storytelling, particularly through video, is one crucial way that NGOs and non-profit causes can get their messages heard above the marketing humdrum, and capture hearts and imaginations in the process. UNICEF is one major player in the non-profit sector that has recently done this very successfully with a video titled "Reimagining the Future for Every Child," produced locally by Rooftop Productions. 20 Mar 2015 Read more

Video is changing everything?In the not too distant future, you'll probably be watching this article rather than reading it. As screens continue to infiltrate our public and private spaces, most businesses are waking up to the reality that video is one trend they can't afford to ignore if they want to keep customers engaged. 18 Dec 2014 Read more

Getting more bang for your buck: Get Bucks TVCIn a TVC for, a fun creative concept in collaboration with Red September saw Rooftop Productions stretching its creative juices - and appetites - in a showdown of mini-burger vs. monster-burger, to prove that you always get more from Getbucks! 20 Sep 2014 Read more

"Pour Your Heart Out" with First Choice custardThe concept for a new TV ad for First Choice, "Pour your heart out," gave Rooftop Productions, in collaboration with Boomtown Advertising, a great opportunity to go all out in promoting a tasty cause: custard that can melt the toughest taste bud and the hardiest heart. 21 Aug 2014 Read more

Rooftop Productions and Banks help score a win for #TeamUNICEFA music video produced by Rooftop Productions and featuring the song "Goddess" by US artist Banks is helping UNICEF promote the power of sport to transform young lives. 10 Jul 2014 Read more

Creating and showcasing value: SASOL EVP videoWorking with Cross Colours in JHB, Rooftop Productions was challenged with bringing an awesome concept to life for an epic Employee Value Proposition video for Sasol. 6 Jun 2014 Read more

Cooking Up Craziness in the Velvet KitchenA smooth French chef and a foxy assistant whipping up astonishingly delicious desserts in a bizarre Velvet Kitchen? Sure, this will work! And why not? Sometimes promoting something in a box calls for a creative concept that's explicitly out the box. 10 Apr 2014 Read more