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Imagine what you can achieve with the right team of savvy, motivated individuals with the perfect balance of skills, guts, can-do attitude and lustrous moustaches, right?
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Node Content.TV makes our dreams come true in the latest Old MutualWe all know how tough saving is - but did you know that 56% of parents aren't saving for their children's education? Well, we've got advice for that in a brand-new digital advicement for Old Mutual, shot and directed by Markstry, a Spitfire director that powers Node Content.TV division. 22 Sep 2017 Read more

A new wave of young creatives powered by Spitfire Films, Produce Audio and Aces PostLiesl Karpinski and the Spitfire Films team are excited to announce the launch of Node Content.TV, a brand-new content division powered by Spitfire Films, Produce Sound and Aces Post. 21 Sep 2017 Read more

A Loeries party to end all partiesThe Spitfire Films Production Company from Joburg closed off the Loeries Creative Week with a bash of note, an Alice in La La Land themed event that had delegates begging for more! 22 Aug 2017 Read more

Markstry heads north - and GOtv loves itBriefed by Ireland/Davenport to shoot two ads for GOtv - one each for the Kenyan and Nigerian markets - Markstry headed for Nairobi and its notorious traffic. 26 Apr 2017 Read more

Two nights of late-night drinks at AdFestIt was a big two nights at the Revolving Bars, Pattaya, last week during AdFest with Campaign Brief Asia along with our sponsors and friends Directors ThinkTank (KL/Singapore), PixelBox (Shanghai/HK), Fuse (KL/Singapore), Fingerprint Films (Mumbai) and Spitfire Films (South Africa) hosting 'late night' casual 'networking with friends' nights. 13 Apr 2017 Read more

Take one Spitfire, three directors and two producers - what do you get? The Greatest Movie Ever MadePresented with the opportunity of working with M-Net Movies to create “The Greatest Movie Ever Made”, Spitfire approached it as you would expect: with guns blazing. Shot collectively and individually by Spitfire Directors AK, Peter Heaney and Akin Omotoso, and starring six lucky M-Net audition winners, “The Greatest Movie Ever Made” was inspired by scenes from, well, some of the greatest movies ever made. 22 Mar 2017 Read more

Markstry in the driver's seat as Renault KWID takes offThe new Renault KWID has a taste for adventure with dynamic performance. Spitfire's Markstry? Ditto. Which is why Markstry and Renault are a match made in... the studio and on location. With a zippy two week turnaround time, including one studio shoot-day and three location shoots, Markstry delivered as impressively as the Renault KWID did, in the city and out in the countryside. 22 Mar 2017 Read more

When you need to supersize your content, order a Spitfire with all the trimmingsWhat would you like with your new McDSupremes burger? McDonald's digital agency Mirum wanted the lot, and Spitfire's Markstry was more than happy to oblige. Disco ball? Check. Dancing guy? Check. Picnicking couple, hot air balloons, shopaholics, saxophonist, golfer, aeroplane, fireworks? Check, check, check! 20 Mar 2017 Read more

Vodacom invests in Aces-Up's Ed van Blerk - and profits immediatelyMoving Vodacom's Yebo Yethu trading from the OTC to the JSE takes some explaining. And while Aces-Up's Ed van Blerk may not be the grand master of indices and debentures, he does know everything there is to know about making the complicated entertaining and easy to understand through animation. And so began the Vodacom Yebo Yethu project: 8 video tutorials of 2 - 3 minutes each designed to reassure Yebo Yethu shareholders about the change in trading of their shares. 20 Sep 2016 Read more

JWT's Ford Spitfire - a combination guaranteed to deliver awesome performanceMates Loyiso and Donovan are growing up, albeit reluctantly. What better vehicle to showcase their escapades than the Ford Focus? And who better to capture their comedic performances than Spitfire Director Peter Heaney? No-one, that's who. There's certainly no-one more energetic: five ads shot in one day is impressive by anyone's standards. And Peter's are high. 16 Sep 2016 Read more

Spitfire helps Ogilvy shake things up - and bag a bird with KFC!Massive congratulations to David, Tammy, Fred, Molefi and the whole Ogilvy team for bagging two Loeries for KFC's Shakin' Shakin'! Spitfire Films and director AK are seriously honoured and proud to have been involved in this exciting project. Two Gold Loeries were scooped under the category Digital & Interactive Communication: a Gold for Mobile Advertising and a Gold Craft for Illustration, Photography & Graphic Design. 25 Aug 2016 Read more

Markstry dives in the deep end with Huawei and DDBThe brief from DDB CD Chris Charoux to Spitfire director Markstry on their first commercial for new client Huawei was simple: Keep it premium. And for Markstry, that's business as usual. So over two very long days, shooting in seven locations with two cameras and a drone, no stop was left unpulled. 31 May 2016 Read more

Off to work with AK, ID and IsuzuHeigh ho, heigh ho! When Spitfire director AK and Ireland/Davenport came together to create Isuzu's new TVC, it was off to work they went with a vengeance. 18 May 2016 Read more

Need a cheerleader? Peter Heaney's your manYou want character? Spitfire's got character. You want characters? Peter Heaney's got them by the truckload. 26 Apr 2016 Read more

Spitfire's Akin awarded Africa's top awardAt an event where the red carpet stole more than its fair share of the limelight, the only star worth watching at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards was Spitfire Films' own Akin Omotoso, who scooped Best Director for his movie Tell Me Sweet Something. 14 Mar 2016 Read more

It's amazing what you hit when you shoot from the hipWhen the brief is to showcase South Africa and capture real South Africans in their own environments, things are bound to get personal. 5 Feb 2016 Read more

When the client says it's bloody good, they know what they're talking aboutConvincing people to donate blood is a never-ending emergency. And when you have an emergency, Spitfire has Markstry. 22 Jan 2016 Read more

Markstry delivers Telkom TVC at BoltSpeedWhen South Africa's biggest and fastest network brings the fastest man on the planet on board, you need a director that can think quick. 8 Dec 2015 Read more

Spitfire spreads its wingsWith Spitfire Films flying ever higher, it was only a matter of time before the hangar in Hyde Park became too small for their rapidly expanding wings. 1 Dec 2015 Read more

AK gets high, gets real and gets cool. Not all at once, thoughIt's a tough job, but someone has to do it. And when it has to be done spectacularly, AK's your man. 11 Nov 2015 Read more

AK gets the Axe, which isn't at all weirdIt could be the effect that AK has on set. Then again, it could be the new Axe Dry Spray Anti-perspirant. Either way, security earned their pay as AK and DOP Peter Tischhauser prepared to shoot one very good looking man and not one, but two Axe fragrances. Barring the doors at Glow Studios in Parktown kept the hordes at bay - at least until the Axe was actually sprayed. 27 Oct 2015 Read more

In time, on point, in budgetFast on his feet and consummate with the camera (i.e. superb), Markstry was the go-to guy when Net#work needed instant action. 20 Oct 2015 Read more

Spitfire puts cast up against a wall and shoots them. In record time.When the SABC presented Spitfire with a script for Heritage Day - to be on air just four days later - Peter Heaney said "Ke a leboha!" and got cracking. 29 Sep 2015 Read more

Spitfires over London - and how it all came together with CastleA tight deadline, 31 of South Africa's finest and a shoot schedule covering two continents called for two of Spitfire Films' finest - AK and Markstry - working together to make sure every shot was... shot. 16 Sep 2015 Read more

Spitfire goes 'guns out' - Durban doesn't know what's hit them!A squadron of Spitfires descended on Durban for Loeries 2015 - and by the end of the weekend had added even more birds to their cabinet, along with a few sore heads! 24 Aug 2015 Read more

For AutoTrader, the choice is Ed from SpitfireTake two nights, four cars and 40 crew. Mix together with one super-determined director. 7 Aug 2015 Read more

Tell Me Sweet SomethingFive years in the making, Tell Me Sweet Something is more than just a love story - it's a labour of love. While Johannesburg isn't normally seen as a romantic film location, it's exactly where Akin has wanted to make a Jozi-style Love Jones for some time. And time was just what was needed before it finally saw the light of day. 28 Jul 2015 Read more

Markstry gets the party started with Vodacom and DeezerShooting in Cape Town in May, you never know what to expect. Shooting in Cape Town with Spitfire's Markstry, however, you most certainly do: a slick, beautifully shot story of boy meets girl, girl meets Deezer, and boy, girl and Deezer party happily ever after. 8 Jul 2015 Read more

Sharing the knowledge, and the loveEvery time you make a call on the Vodacom network, you're helping to change lives. And every time you call Akin Omotoso, you know something special is going to happen. 1 Jul 2015 Read more

#thedress, AK helps ID settle the Black and Blue debatePutting together a case study fit for global judges in less than 10 days is the kind of challenge AK revels in - and the fact that he fervently believes in the cause also helps. 18 Jun 2015 Read more

Peter Heaney adds another gear to Mercedes-AMGBranded Content blurs the conventional distinction between advertising and editorial. Take the new Mercedes-AMG Extreme Adventure, for example. You could put a talking head into frame, who tells the viewer what this car is all about in thirty seconds, which they'll see after something about bread and something before banking... But it's a car! And not the kind your grandmother and her bridge buddies are buying. Cue Net#work BBDO and iProspect with AMG Extreme Adventure. 1 Jun 2015 Read more

Spitfire Films proves why you always need at least one friend and wins a Silver PromaxBDAZombies. There are two kinds. 1: All the rage these days, fictional (we can only assume), seriously scary and usually found late at night when the fog is thick and you're wearing six-inch stilettos. 2: Not all the rage these days, non-fictional (we can only assume), seriously stupid and usually found during the day working at the license department or not - taking your call about the load-shedding schedule. 3 Dec 2014 Read more

Fierce: Spitfire Films' four days for VodacomFour days: from PO to shoot, a client viewing - with smiles all round - and delivery to station. World record? Probably not. Quality worth poppin' bottles for? Fo' sho! 27 Nov 2014 Read more