The value and impact of innovative trends in brand display - FSDBrands, both physically and emotionally, are designed to be on display - to be seen, to be experienced, bold enough to be impressive and individual enough to be influential. Brands are a combination of visual input and perception. They provide creativity, colour, intriguing design - and very often just the comfort of what is enduring and familiar. 23 Jun 2015 Read more >>
FSD and Edge 2 Edge surpassed expectations at OSSA 2015 - FSDFSD and Edge 2 Edge collaborated to build an amazing design for Genop Health this year at The Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) conference that took place during mid-March. The two masterminds behind the custom-made creation were Genevieve Momberg and Tabitha Robinson from Edge 2 Edge and were driven by a creative and very specific look and feel they wanted to achieve. 8 Apr 2015 Read more >>
2015 international exhibition design trends that we should take note of - FSDEvery year, excitement abounds at FSD when we get to see what the international industry leaders are saying about the latest exhibition design trends. Following are some predicted trends by world leaders in exhibitions: 9 Feb 2015 Read more >>
FSD's been all over the show! - FSDThe versatility of the Full Stretch Display system has been ensuring that we get around! 30 Jul 2014 Read more >>
Experiential marketing: Why pop-up retail needs to form part of advertising strategy - FSDWhat's the next big thing that will entice your consumers to buy your products? 10 Apr 2014 Read more >>
Integrating the digital experience in retail and exhibition display - FSDNowadays, how do you really know if someone is taking notice of your brand? A few words, like "share", "retweet", "pin", etc., come to mind. It's a social media society out there and finding ways to keep engaging with your audience in an attention economy, where everyone is screaming for conversion, remains challenging. 21 Feb 2014 Read more >>
Trade show design - expectations vs reality - FSDWe all know that designing an innovative exhibit requires proper planning and a good amount of time spent ironing out the creative requirements. However the stark reality is that even the most informed clients most of the time only provide a few basic instructions and never sit down to think about how practical their suggestions/ideas are. 2 Sep 2013 Read more >>
A question of size: The emotional impact of large displays - FSDBIG,





 24 Jun 2013
Display right, display green - FSDIf your company is following a green approach, choosing the correct display system/hardware for your next exhibition or interior shop fitting will say as much about your brand than the "green statement" on your website or the recyclable pens you hand out to prospective customers. 20 May 2013 Read more >>
FSD supports Autism Month gala fundraiser - FSDApril is World Autism Month. This is the time to reflect on the reality of the current statistics and the actions needed to improve the lives of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as their families. 27 Mar 2013 Read more >>
Fabric tension display - The solution for your next expo - FSDEven in our digital day and age, exhibitions remain an effective promotional and sales tool where businesses are able to interact with clients directly and create conversion. Brands aiming for maximum visual appeal, whilst remaining sustainable during repeat large-format indoor events, will find it difficult to look beyond the modularity and environmentally-friendly benefits FSD (Full Stretch Display) delivers in terms of fabric tension display solutions. FSD utilises recyclable aluminium and ABS injection moulded components and recommend printing with eco-friendly inks onto recyclable polyester fabrics to create visually-appealing, re-useable displays. 28 Feb 2013 Read more >>
FSD - Co-sponsor at Decorex 2013 and your partner in brand execution - FSDAt FSD we have always believed in a partnership approach. In a global competitive marketplace collaboration is vital and we welcome alliances with other companies working in the exhibitions, retail and events industries in order to best meet and serve the needs of all our clients. 4 Feb 2013 Read more >>
Versatile solutions for your next roadshow - FSDIf you ever had to execute a road show for your brand, you will know how quickly it can become a logistical nightmare of sorts. Drayage and set up costs money, the conditions at each venue are different and often the space promised is not the space that is delivered. Sales staff does not always have the technical training to do a complicated setup and creating a stand that will be true to your brand, yet easy to transport from one venue to another can be costly and time consuming. 4 Dec 2012 Read more >>
Exhibition rentals: the affordable route to great brand exposure - FSDBranding your next event or setting up the infrastructure for a road show need not cost a fortune in equipment, logistical costs and insurance. 9 Oct 2012 Read more >>
Win R50 000 worth of display systems with Full Stretch Display! - FSDFull Stretch Display is proud to announce the relaunch of their contemporary and innovative brand to position themselves as premium supplier of branding and display systems in the retail, display and interior sectors in South Africa. 19 Sep 2012 Read more >>
Full Stretch Display relaunches brand - FSDFull Stretch Display is proud to announce the relaunch of their contemporary and innovative brand to position themselves as premium supplier of branding and display systems in the retail, display and interior sectors in South Africa. 3 Sep 2012 Read more >>
The science of display - striving for perfection - FSDAlan Kay once said: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." 22 Jun 2012 Read more >>
A question of size: The emotional impact of large displays - FSDAccording to, the word size can be defined as: "the physical dimensions, proportions, magnitude, or extent of an object." It is however also defined as "the character, value, or status with reference to the capacity to meet given requirements." 22 May 2012 Read more >>
Meeting the branding challenges in retail merchandising - FSDWe are often posed with the following question by brand managers and clients: "How can we communicate our brand message consistently in a retail environment and change our shop fittings, without disrupting our business?" Not only do your products need to embody your brand values, but the surroundings in which you sell them need to communicate a brand experience, in order to simplify consumer choice. 3 Apr 2012 Read more >>
The core strategy of customers on overall custom modular wide format fabric print display usage, although varying over the various industries, would most probably still be brand message, product selection and ROI. Consideration to rentals as a sustainable alternative will also be considered. 20 Feb 2012 Read more >>