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GraphicMail boosts delivery rate dramatically after SMTP migration - SharpSpringGraphicMail gears up to cater for high volume senders following a successful server migration to SMTP. 21 Apr 2015 READ MORE

Marketing automation sweeps South Africa - SharpSpringSharpSpring's powerful marketing automation solution is revolutionising the way digital agencies and businesses are using their marketing spend 17 Mar 2015 READ MORE

Exciting developments for GraphicMail - SharpSpringGraphicMail expands to bring you even more in 2015 29 Jan 2015 READ MORE

GraphicMail gives back with #sendmeal - SharpSpringThis time of the year people are busy with holiday shopping and getting ready for the summer vacation. However, we tend to forget that many South Africans aren't as fortunate as we are, and something as trivial as a healthy meal can be a luxury for many. 12 Dec 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail's top three digital marketing trends for 2015 - SharpSpringThe online marketing industry changes at a rapid pace and each year an array of new developments and advancements make their way to the surface. Due to the intense competition of the online world, it is important to look at the year ahead and predict possible new developments in the industry. GraphicMail looks at what 2015 will have in store for the online marketing community. 25 Nov 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail officially launches free email marketing e-courses - SharpSpringGraphicMail has launched free email marketing courses to educate users on how to get the most out of their online marketing campaign. 30 Oct 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail launches transactional email application TransSend - SharpSpringGraphicMail has recently launched the Beta version of its transactional email platform, TransSend. This platform enables existing as well as new clients to send out transactional communication to their clients automatically and efficiently. 30 Sep 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail Category Partner for The Nedbank Digital Edge Live 2014 - SharpSpringGraphicMail is always looking for ways to contribute to the digital community and this year we decided to be part of The Nedbank Digital Edge Live - South Africa's largest and most prestigious digital marketing show. 28 Aug 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail celebrates Mandela Day - SharpSpringEvery year on 18 July, corporates and individuals from all over the globe join in to support the Mandela Day initiative and donate 67 minutes of their time to a charity or foundation of their choice. This year GraphicMail joined in on the fun and donated time and energy to worthy causes in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 24 Jul 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail releases Chiosco for South Africa - SharpSpringGraphicMail South Africa has released Chiosco, a tablet-based application that allows clients to use an automated sign-up kiosk that will be positioned in selected stores across South Africa. 27 Jun 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail unites development, sales and support under one roof - SharpSpringEvery successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. 23 May 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail: record growth for South African ESP - SharpSpringGraphicMail has become a household name amongst email marketers all over the world. Founded in 2002, GraphicMail South Africa, a local Email Service Provider, has gone from strength to strength; partially due to the huge growth the internet and email industry has experienced. 29 Apr 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail and World Design Capital 2014 bring design into the digital arena - SharpSpringThe global ESP has teamed up with World Design Capital, Cape Town 2014, as mobile, social and email marketing company for its digital communications for events, updates and newsletters. 24 Mar 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail and ShowMe bring you the best South Africa has to offer - SharpSpringFrom Polokwane to Paarl, GraphicMail's mobile, email and social media marketing tools help highlight what's happening in the Rainbow Nation. 19 Feb 2014 READ MORE

GraphicMail's #sendmeal campaign helps feed those in need - SharpSpringThis time of year the urge to give back to those less fortunate arises, and at GraphicMail, the feeling is no different. The South African email service provider (ESP) has come up with a way to help those less fortunate, and what better way to lend a helping hand through something an ESP knows best? Emails. 18 Dec 2013 READ MORE

GraphicMail's top 2014 predictions and un-predictions for 2013 - SharpSpringThe Global ESP takes a gander into the new year, with key industry tips from its CEO and marketing director, as well as retrospective "un-predictions". 28 Nov 2013 READ MORE

GraphicMail and the Ark Animal Centre spread the 'puppy' love - SharpSpringThe Johannesburg-based animal rescue centre and global ESP combine forces to help animals in need. 31 Oct 2013 READ MORE

GraphicMail continues to expand its brand's media presence - SharpSpringAs internet consumption soars, the global ESP builds further on its media presence and offerings, adding new whitepaper resources via Marketingprofs in September of this year. 25 Sep 2013 READ MORE

The global ESP came in at number 15 in a survey conducted by the magazine across a range of service providers and platforms. 22 Aug 2013 READ MORE

The global ESP's mobile and email marketing expertise places it in pole position for boosting client's business portfolios. 12 Jul 2013 READ MORE

As one of the world's leading email service providers (ESPs), GraphicMail consistently partners with leading businesses to further grow their clients' digital marketing campaigns. While by no means a new partnership, GraphicMail continues to enhance and grow Habits' digital marketing base and in doing so expand their reach within the South African fashion retail industry. 28 Jun 2013 READ MORE

The global ESP's growth shows no signs of slowing as it reaches into the creative industry, adding yet another key reseller, here's what the newest addition to their base had to say. 24 May 2013 READ MORE

The global ESP has, in the last quarter, streamlined its integrated sms, shortcode marketing and mobile coupons together with its email marketing suite for optimal digital marketing integration. 18 Apr 2013 READ MORE

The global ESP is launching its shortcode marketing package for South African businesses and marketers. 14 Mar 2013 READ MORE

The Global ESP looks back at the success of its beginner's digital marketing course in the run up to the launch of its advanced email and mobile emarketing courses. 28 Feb 2013 READ MORE

GraphicMail makes top 500 South African websites - SharpSpringThe South African Email Service Provider ranks high among some of South Africa's best loved sites, according to 17 Jan 2013 READ MORE

The who, what and wow of the South African digital communications arena, from a key player's point of view 7 Dec 2012 READ MORE

Just in time for the holiday season, when many businesses need to rely on quick sales strategies to boost their revenue - more and more, via mobile campaigns - South Africa's leading email marketing service provider GraphicMail is reducing the price of its innovative SMS marketing. The innovation? GraphicMail enables the sending of SMS campaigns with web links to mobile sites that companies can put together easily, free, and based on mobile templates. This way, the same rich media and content can be sent via SMS as via email newsletters, with the advantage that SMS has an open rate of 98% as opposed to 22% for email (Frost & Sullivan 2010 & Epsilon 2009). 31 Oct 2012 READ MORE

GraphicMail's evolution of email and mobile marketing solutions - SharpSpringGraphicMail, an email service provider (ESP), understands the trend curve on the digital front. Their incorporation of social media, mobile and cloud aptitudes (SoMoClo) into its arsenal within the email marketing segment displays their capacity to identify marketing trends on a digital sphere. But why employ such a tactic? What does this ensure for its clients? 1 Oct 2012 READ MORE

Build mobile sites in minutes with GraphicMail's new mobile editor - SharpSpringWhile many big brands are still hustling to overcome the challenges in reaching mobile customers, small businesses now have an unprecedented opportunity to break into this space. 14 Aug 2012 READ MORE

GraphicMail sponsors Cheesekids for Mandela Day, and beyond - SharpSpringIn celebration of Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday on the 18th of July this year, GraphicMail is contributing its digital marketing resources to "Cheesekids", one of South Africa's most significant community-service NPO's. 18 Jul 2012 READ MORE

GraphicMail sponsors community service start-up 'Picture the Possibility' - SharpSpringGraphicMail, a leading hosted digital marketing service provider, has just announced its sponsorship of a free non-profit email marketing account to 'Picture the Possibility' - a community project based in Cape Town that aims to empower teenagers in creating inspiring career opportunities for their future. 18 Jun 2012 READ MORE

GraphicMail integrates innovative social-email subscription tool - SharpSpringAs more consumers begin to frequent the social web and brands integrate social media into their marketing and communications plans, having access to advanced social media tools has never been more vital. 24 May 2012 READ MORE

GraphicMail to host workshop at the CTICC Marketing Indaba - SharpSpringEmail marketing service provider GraphicMail will be at this year's Marketing Indaba, which returns to the CTICC from 9-10 May following its initial success in 2011. 20 Apr 2012 READ MORE

GraphicMail partners with JustPlay digital platform for high quality lead generation - SharpSpringThere are no magic bullets in today's direct lead generation game. You need to do lots of things right to acquire a quality prospect and then to nurture that individual into client-hood. 28 Mar 2012 READ MORE

GraphicMail SMS + link to mobile site demonstrates high potential in the South African mobile market - SharpSpringCompanies that can nail down their SMS marketing strategy, especially while the space is still ripe for innovation, will benefit from a wide range of new opportunities. To help businesses break into the mobile communications market, GraphicMail offers new turnkey solutions for bulk SMS marketing, mobile sites and short code campaigns. 23 Feb 2012 READ MORE

Wikus EngelbrechtEmail and mobile marketing service provider GraphicMail publishes new mobile campaign case studies as proof-of-concept of its innovative tools; SMS / Text messaging which pushes multimedia information via a link to a mobile site. 15 Nov 2011 READ MORE

Wikus EngelbrechtEmail marketing service provider GraphicMail is providing clients the ability to meld their online and offline sales campaigns by using email newsletters as a platform for On-Off shopping experiences. 20 Sep 2011 READ MORE

Wikus EngelbrechtA lot of small businesses don't have the budget for email communications and consequently there is a steep learning curve for marketing starters wanting to wade into the industry. GraphicMail is now offering a free account to serve as a gateway into email marketing. 17 Aug 2011 READ MORE

GraphicMail, an international hosted email and mobile marketing service provider, has seen a 250% high-quality traffic increase from engagement marketing between February 2009 and 2011. Focusing mainly on paid advertising in the preceding years, with comparatively low interaction, GraphicMail has steered towards a more integrative approach focusing on engagement and brand participation. Their latest addition to the engagement mix is an in-house affiliate program promising high returns. 21 Mar 2011 READ MORE

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