Is your brand woman enough? - Brand UnionOn 9 August we celebrated Women's Day. Think of a brand that is targeted at women. It's pink isn't it? It's soft, delicate, and no man would buy into it. Now, think of what Women's Day stands for: strength, solidarity, and courage. The true meaning of being a woman. So, how is it that this sentiment has been lost on brands? 24 Aug 2015 Read more >>

Brand Union South Africa announces change in leadership - Brand UnionBrand Union South Africa has appointed Mathew Weiss as Managing Director of both the Johannesburg and Cape Town offices. 19 Aug 2015 Read more >>

Andrea MeltzerIt's February, and suddenly the stores and everyone's eyes seem to be filled with hearts. Almost as quickly, the web seems to have filled up with articles about 'how to find love', 'how to make someone fall in love with you in 14 days' or similar. If love isn't in the air, it's certainly in the air-waves. 22 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Christopher HumanAccording to figures released by the Department of Basic Education, 403,874 students passed their National Senior Certificate (NSC) this year. Amid the excitement of negotiating this hurdle, for many it brings the question: "Where to now?" into sharp focus. For higher education institution (HEI) brands, this is peak season, with brands playing an important role in informing decisions. 26 Jan 2015 Read more >>

Brand design: A colour commentary - Brand UnionWhy is the McDonald's logo yellow and IBM's logo blue? Is Starbucks' famous green linked to its sustainable credentials? Why is Coca-Cola red when its product is dark black? And why did Microsoft choose to feature all four of these hues in its now iconic Windows logo? 14 Nov 2013 Read more >>

How experiences are redefining luxury - Brand UnionExamining how luxury goods are being redefined by brand experiences, I've taken a look at the all new Range Rover. 30 Oct 2013 Read more >>

The Brand Union Brand Experience Conference: Own Your Brand 2013 - Brand UnionThe Brand Union Africa recently hosted an inaugural Brand Experience Conference entitled Own Your Own Brand, in Ikoye, Lagos, for some 40 guests at the Wheatbaker Hotel. The esteemed guests represented some of Nigeria's blue chip brands across a myriad of business sectors, such as GT Bank, UBA, Total, Etisalat, Leadway Insurance, Mansard Insurance, Unilever and Dangote. Other organisations included research companies, media houses and government, such as Millward Brown, PHD Nigeria and Lagos Chamber of Commerce. 17 Oct 2013 Read more >>

The Brand Union helps Vodafone create new visual identity - Brand UnionThe Brand Union (TBU), the WPP-owned brand strategy and design consultancy, has helped Vodafone, one of the world's largest mobile communications companies by revenue, create a new visual brand identity. 10 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Check your ego at the door and embrace collaboration 20 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Debranding: why Coca-Cola's decision to drop its name worked - Brand UnionDebranding won't work for everyone. But this strategy is one to watch, writes Lucy Fisher. 13 Aug 2013 Read more >>

How leading brands can make and break the rules to increase impact - Brand UnionGoing against the grain can help brands be seen in a new light, but they need to be prepared to think big and take a risk. 5 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Lifestyle brands: creating positive experiences - Brand UnionAs a member of Generation Y, I was born into a digital age that has developed to become our modern landscape. To the youngest of my generation, who have pestered their parents for a Facebook account since the age of 12 and owned a smartphone before sitting their year-six SATs, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become social bricks and mortar; digital property with walls to decorate. It is easier than ever to interact with friends and access their virtual spaces to find out what music they're listening to, which events they're attending and even which brands they endorse. 29 Jul 2013 Read more >>

The Brand Union supports Hospice Wits for Mandela Day - Brand UnionEvery year there is a big drive to get all South Africans and people around the world to take 67 minutes of their time to help others in one way or another on the 18th of July... yes, on Madiba's birthday in honour of all the good he has done around the world. 22 Jul 2013 Read more >>

Does culture define the brand? - Brand UnionOrganisational culture is essential in building positive brand experiences and long-term commercial success. 15 Jul 2013 Read more >>

There's no end to caring with HospiceWits and The Brand Union - Brand UnionHospiceWits is a NPO that provides world-class palliative care and support to the residents of greater Johannesburg and Soweto. They exist with the help of over 150 full-time staff including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and spiritual counselors. One of the ways they collect funds is through their 11 stores around Johannesburg and Soweto. As much as they provide help to those in need, the HospiceWits brand also needed some love and attention in order to make them a more visible and recognisable organisation. 12 Jun 2013 Read more >>

The luxury of experience - Brand Union'It cost me three million, and I enjoyed it for three minutes,' Charles II of Spain famously said after he'd seen an exorbitant fountain he'd commissioned. Luxury goods are rooted in past societies like these; where flagrant, unnecessary spending was how royals and nobles maintained their superiority over the hungry masses. In a world where we're no longer either peasants or royalty - with the immense addition of an aspirant middle class - the appeal of luxury goods is greater than ever. But for luxury fans today it's not about spending a fortune to boastfully enjoy something briefly; it's really not about how much they've spent at all. It's about an experience that offers a break from the mundane; a moment in a world where pleasure, indulgence and perceived exclusivity replaces work, retirement funds and traffic. 3 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Googling the Loeries - Brand UnionLoeries 2013 entries are about to close. Which of course you already knew. Because if you're working in an advertising or related field, you've had more than enough time to familiarise yourself with the Loeries' 2013 campaign. Did I say familiarise? Maybe a better word is 'judge'. I know that as we received our Loeries' call to entry we all gathered around to judge the campaign. Because if we can't judge the judges, who can we judge? (Try saying that five times fast). We were all a little perplexed. 27 May 2013 Read more >>

The great and mighty Burger King is here! - Brand UnionYes, the rumours have been flying around for months and now the time has finally come - Burger King has arrived... only in Cape Town for now, but arrived nonetheless. 9 May 2013 Read more >>

The experience of the brand is the brand and KFC knows it! - Brand UnionOver the past few months, KFC has been hosting KFC Big Movie Experiences in a few locations around the country. This past weekend I decided to go see what the experience was all about. 7 May 2013 Read more >>

The Brand Union is creating creatives for tomorrow - Brand UnionAt The Brand Union, we love brands so much that we're even obsessive about who we want to build them and how these future brand builders are trained. So, we have a cunning plan... For two months, The Brand Union's David Q Chong will be sharing his skills at The University of Johannesburg by way of lecturing two mornings a week. David has been obsessing in this way for the past six years and is already a part of the furniture at UJ. David is also an ex-Wits Technikon (now part of UJ) student. 16 Apr 2013 Read more >>

What is an 'experience'? - Brand UnionToby Southgate feels the meaning of this over-used buzzword has been diluted with time, and argues what it should truly convey for the marketer... 15 Apr 2013 Read more >>

What makes Coca-Cola an iconic brand? - Brand UnionAnd how do I build one? 8 Apr 2013 Read more >>

You may have recently stumbled across an article called 'The future of advertising: Dog marketing,' and it may have lead you to ask yourself "Has The Brand Union gone barking mad?!" The answer is...not entirely. We were just April fooling around. 2 Apr 2013 Read more >>

There has been a lot of speculation in the media around the banning of alcohol advertising and the subversive and under handed tactics that brands will have to undertake to communicate to customers. 1 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Michael Wolff: Man of vision. Man of purpose. - Brand UnionIn the company of Michael Wolff, it is hard to believe you are in the presence of someone about to turn 80. When he speaks about the future, he does so with the zeal of a man at the beginning of a journey, not nearing the end of one. He still has way too much he wishes to achieve for a person of his age. 20 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Please be seated at the Design Indaba, courtesy of DStv and The Brand Union - Brand UnionIf you were at the Design Indaba this year, you may have noticed some interesting, faceted DStv seating around the venue. You may have wondered what the story is behind the seating, or just been plain thankful that there was somewhere to sit for a change. Well, that's where The Brand Union in partnership with DStv comes in. 8 Mar 2013 Read more >>

The new DStv World: Created By The Brand Union - Brand UnionYes, the rumours attributed to DStv's greatness are true - The Brand Union and DStv are brand partners. They have been for the past three years. During this time, The Brand Union has been working with DStv to create a new DStv world; a world of so much more entertainment. 7 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Business is developing at The Brand Union - Brand UnionThat's right, a brand new Business Developer has arrived at The Brand Union and he is ready to enlighten the world on why the experience of a brand defines the brand, why it's so important and why The Brand Union is the brand specialist agency to help you. 11 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Judging by the traffic this morning and the sudden increase in phone calls coming through to the office from our demanding clients, the working year can well and truly be said to have kicked off. 23 Jan 2013 Read more >>

The Brand Union is behind the cover: Brands & Branding - Brand UnionIf you're walking down the streets of downtown Johannesburg or through the tiled walkways of the V&A waterfront, it's evident that brands are very much a part of our everyday lives. We engage with a multitude of brands in so many different ways and on so many different levels. Brands are truly knitted into the fabric of our modern world. We are part of a brand eco-system and, like any other eco-system, we are mutually dependent on each other for our very survival. 14 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Imagine a post-apocalyptic earth. You know the usual sci-fi plot: the majority of the earth has been destroyed; a few remain and are ruled by an iron-fisted government. All creativity, colour and freedom are outlawed. The 'new earth' is a sorry excuse for it's former self: fragile and struggling to survive. 8 Jan 2013 Read more >>

In a world overrun with brands isn't it time you found a way to stand out? 7 Jan 2013 Read more >>

The age-old debate around pitch versus non-pitch was once again raised at an aptly named "Fight-Night" event hosted recently by the Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA). 7 Nov 2012 Read more >>

In the "Mad Men" era of the early 1960's, slick advertising professionals dictated the American dream and defined what success looked like for a generation of post WW2 men and women looking for a sense of purpose. Ultimately, that sense of purpose was twisted and corrupted into the suave Brooks Brothers wearing, camel smoking, hard drinking company man that Hollywood movies like "Revolutionary Road" craft and project so well. 27 Aug 2012 Read more >>

And the winner is... - Brand UnionHow Has Team GB's design fared at this year's Olympics? 14 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Yes, you are. Well, according to the Advertising Standards Bureau in Australia, every brand present on social media platforms, in particular Facebook, are to be the keepers of all things posted on their sites and related to the brand... by everybody. 7 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Sunday night was an interesting night on Twitter for @PresidencyZA and perhaps a shocking one for the nation of South Africa. For the first time, South Africans were allowed to peek into the life of The Presidency. 24 Jul 2012 Read more >>

The Brand Union Cape Town spreads its wings - Brand UnionThe Brand Union Cape Town has been helping clients build brands since March 2011 and quickly built up a blue-chip client base including SAB and Standard Bank. The office was established with the acquisition of global design agency Coley Porter Bell whose strong creative ethos in Cape Town was recognised with awards at both Loeries and Apex. 24 Jul 2012 Read more >>

The Brand Union are a talented bunch - Brand UnionThe Brand Union Africa has been on a countrywide talent search, something like Idols, but for the branding industry. As a result they have found a number of talented individuals for their client service and finance departments as well as a number of new creative miracle workers to slot into their design studio. 17 Jul 2012 Read more >>

The Brand Union resonates with Jeremy de Tolly and Piano Nocturnes - Brand UnionJeremy de Tolly (perhaps better known as the frontman for The Dirty Skirts) has recently released his first solo album with nothing but a Bosendorfer grand piano, aptly named Piano Nocturnes. The album is something that cannot quite be categorised as the sound is completely unique and serves the purpose of expressing emotions that have no name. The music is slow, gentle ambient piano music - very atmospheric. The album is becoming a great success, even being reviewed and complemented by The Rolling Stone magazine. 6 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Carling Black Label Cup created by The Brand Union revealed in all its glory - Brand UnionThe run-up to the Carling Black Label Cup Soweto Derby started with great excitement past the week when the new trophy was revealed at an event hosted at The Venue in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. The chairman of the Kaizer Chiefs, Kaizer Motaung, and his Orlando Pirates counterpart, Irvin Khoza, welcomed the new trophy to the tournament. 23 May 2012 Read more >>

When is a business too big to brand under a single brand name? Gary Bryant ponders the points by examining examples in the global financial sector. 22 May 2012 Read more >>

I recently received an email from Vida e Caffé. It was one of the few they sent out and, as a dedicated fan of both the coffee and the brand, I took the time to read it. In it they announced that they were launching three new tea products. 25 Apr 2012 Read more >>

My favourite part of many briefs is the bit that asks for some desktop research on industry best practice. It's the immediate sign that the client is uncertain and isn't likely to really back ideas that can truly transform their business even though they've asked for a 'step-change' idea. 18 Apr 2012 Read more >>

Creative complacency is something that we are all at risk of, especially when the chips are down and we're working at full tilt. As a creative company, how do you push past comfort and become greater than you were the day/week/month/year before? 13 Apr 2012 Read more >>

The Big Book kicks off CannesAlso at 58th Cannes Lions - Brand UnionThe Big Book, a giant book containing hundreds of photographs that celebrate the personal creative process, will be unveiled at the 58th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. It has been designed and created by The Brand Union and Lambie Nairn. 23 Jun 2011 Read more >>

The Brand Union: only design agency to win at Apex - Brand UnionThe Brand Union Cape Town (previously Coley Porter Bell) was awarded a bronze Apex for La Capra in the launch category, and was an integral part of the Ogilvy South Africa team that won Silver for Castle at Thursday's awards ceremony. This is the second year in a row that The Brand Union has won at Apex, and once again it is the only branding and design agency to win at the 2011 awards. 6 Jun 2011 Read more >>

Janet Kinghorn representing South African Design at Cannes - Brand UnionJanet Kinghorn, Executive Creative Director for The Brand Union Africa, has been chosen to judge the prestigious Cannes Design Lions in June this year. This is the first time she has been invited to judge and the only South African to be chosen for this category in 2011. 19 Apr 2011 Read more >>

The Brand Union Africa joins forces with The Fearless Executive and Coley Porter Bell - Brand UnionThe Brand Union has acquired Coley Porter Bell (South Africa) and The Fearless Executive and will be operating as The Brand Union Africa as of 1 April 2011. 11 Mar 2011 Read more >>

Are your employees engaged? - Brand UnionMajor corporations, small businesses and even government departments have come to understand the power of a brand. Simply put it's the difference between the cost of making a product and the price customers are willing to pay for it. Marketers and C-Suite executives at least understand the concept if not the execution. This is evidenced by the amount of money and resources companies are investing in their brand identities and brand strategies. Having spent these enormous amounts on their new logo, strategically aligned visual language and above the line launch program, executives sit back and expect the customer experience to be different. What we often forget is that 70% of a consumers brand experience is through interactions with employees (1). Brand identities and strategies are important but not as important as engaged employees. Employee Engagement it is an integral, yet often over looked, aspect of any brand program. 4 Nov 2010 Read more >>

C for Copycat? - Brand UnionWith much fanfare and chest beating, Cell C yesterday unveiled their new brand identity. I'm not a designer so I'm going to steer clear of an in-depth commentary on the new logo from a visual perspective, but I have a few questions for them about the new pay-off line. 5 Aug 2010 Read more >>

New Delhi, 17 June 2010: Bharti Airtel Limited ("Bharti") today announced that it has appointed The Brand Union to manage the brand migration of Airtel into Africa. This follows the completion of Airtel's acquisition of Zain Group's mobile operations in 15 countries across Africa on 8th June 2010. 24 Jun 2010 Read more >>

What came before the fall of the Roman Empire... and the fall of the US economy? Greed and arrogance! It was a group of people that became so wound up in their own power that they lost touch with reality. Recently there is a very prominent global brand constantly in the news in South Africa and abroad, that seems to be following in these footsteps. Is it possible that the FIFA brand is overstepping its legitimate reach, eroding its base goodwill and support, and as a result will topple in the not too distant future? 3 Jun 2010 Read more >>

Come on, Cape Town! - Brand UnionI was recently passing through the fantastic new Cape Town International airport and, as a Gautenger, I must admit to a fair degree of envy when comparing the fantastic new departures terminal to that of OR Tambo. Congratulations to the team that put it together, it truly is world class and made the years of departing through a tent well worth it! 5 May 2010 Read more >>

The Public Service Sector is possibly one of the most difficult sectors to be involved in due to its sheer size and visibility. There are not many organisations in our country that touch every South Africans life on a daily basis and subsequently receive as much attention and scrutiny from the South African public. One of the major criticisms is a lack of service delivery, which I can partly attribute to being a brand issue and therefore possibly provide a brand solution to this problem. 14 Dec 2009 Read more >>

Can your brand survive the truth? - Brand UnionIn a world of mixed messages, misleading advertising, unstable financial times, and weary consumers, trust in your brand becomes even more critical. One way to earn this trust is through the good old-fashioned truth. But how many brands are built on the truth and can they deliver on this? 2 Sep 2009 Read more >>

Single serving, double helping? - Brand UnionLess is more. So say mono brand proponents who've been keeping a close eye on the back page of the business press. Ford has streamlined its market-specific manufacturing platforms and model names, while Aviva's decision to ditch the longstanding Norwich Union, one of the UK's biggest insurance houses, and rebrand as the parent company is telling. Not to mention a few other brand houses who have similarly slimmed down ahead of summer. 13 Aug 2009 Read more >>

Thank heavens for the recession, we can get back to normal again! - Brand UnionAll this recession stuff is seriously getting to me. Anyone able to use Microsoft Word is writing about surviving the recession and coining phrases left right and centre; longevity is the new luxury, recession-proof your brand... you get the picture! 5 Aug 2009 Read more >>

Absa unveils its new Currie Cup logo - Brand UnionAbsa has launched a new logo to energise and renew the identity of its long standing sponsorship of South Africa's premier domestic rugby tournament, the Absa Currie Cup. 17 Jul 2009 Read more >>

Where is Mr Confederations Cup? - Brand UnionFor the last month, South Africa has been enveloped by the IPL action that has graced our TV screens, hearts and minds. This massively successful sporting extravaganza took South Africa (and the world) by storm converting even non-sports fans into rampant IPL supporters. It is this success that now only highlights the issues surrounding the Confederations Cup and the marked disparity between the marketing presence of both events. 10 Jun 2009 Read more >>

Branding: A case of context - Brand UnionThere are many businesses out there that claim to “do branding”. From street lamp posters peddling Branding and T-shirt printing to the more specialist corporate brand agencies, it's little wonder that there's confusion as to what this “doing branding” really means. 26 May 2009 Read more >>

Brands get the green light - Brand UnionIt was approaching Spring, that time of year when the covers of popular women's magazines are groaning with promises of diets to “get your body bikini ready” and workout tips guaranteed to give you back the body you had at 25. One particular cover had me doing a double-take - “lose half a ton a month” it promised. Intrigued, I read further and found that the diet in question was, of course, a carbon diet. That's when it hit me, “greening” has finally gone mainstream! Eco-friendly consumerism is certainly nothing new but, whereas green issues were once strictly the preserve of a bunny-hugging, granola-eating niche, all indications are that environmental concerns now shape consumer decisions in a far broader market. Greening has graduated from passing trend to long-term shift in how consumers are living and shopping. 6 May 2009 Read more >>

Desperate times don't always call for desperate measures. Our daily lives are flooded with negative economic reports in the media. Conversations amongst friends, colleagues (and often even strangers) about the tough economic climate are rife. We have all been told to fasten our belts and ‘vasbyt' as it seems (that for a while at least) times are going to remain tough. Retrenchments are commonplace, and our staff are uneasy. However, very simply, this situation can have a very different outcome. Have you ever stopped to consider that the economic crisis could favour staff morale and build stronger teams within your organisation? 4 May 2009 Read more >>

Brand perception in the global financial meltdown - Brand UnionAnthony Swart, CEO of The Brand Union, looks at the economic downturn as it effects three industries: FMCG, motor and financial services. He argues that our perceptions of the industries themselves is, of necessity, different and that our perception of financial services could be critical. 6 Mar 2009 Read more >>

The value of people in the management of your brand - Brand Union“A person's reputation is largely based on what they actually do as opposed to what they actually say. That's like a Brand. Your brand is formed primarily, not by what your company says about itself, but by what the company does.” ~ Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon. 19 Feb 2009 Read more >>

Engaging staff in tough economic times - Brand UnionOur daily lives are flooded with negative economic reports in the media. Conversations amongst friends, colleagues (and often even strangers) about the tough economic climate are rife. We have all been told to fasten our belts and ‘vasbyt' as it seems (that for a while at least) times are going to remain tough. 22 Jan 2009 Read more >>

When one thinks about Africa and the brands that we consume and love, we often refer to the international names that have moored ship on our shore. This is true too for South Africa, but more so the rest of the continent. 5 Dec 2008 Read more >>

As most companies tighten their belts during the credit crunch and put a freeze on hiring, The Brand Union has found itself in the fortunate position of being able to boost its talent pool with six more employees this month. 17 Nov 2008 Read more >>

Elections are in the spotlight. America has cast its ballot, and South Africa will soon be following suit. What's really exciting about our political climate is the introduction of the new political party, which until recently has had no name... 11 Nov 2008 Read more >>

It's been announced that the solution to the ongoing Springbok debate is a half and half approach - the springbok emblem on the right hand side and the protea emblem on the left (over the heart, I may add). It may seem like a conservative solution to this highly emotive issue, but is it in fact the right one? 5 Nov 2008 Read more >>

The Springbok emblem is a highly contentious and emotive debate raging across the South African media at present. Some want to ‘vomit on it', some claim to own it and others place a massive monetary value on it. One cannot help but wonder if, in all the flurry, we are missing the point here! This emblem is about values and not value. 24 Oct 2008 Read more >>

kulula takes off with a newly designed identity by The Brand Union - Brand UnionSouth Africa's most innovative airline, teamed up with The Brand Union to restructure and refresh its brand. 10 Oct 2008 Read more >>

She's no couch potato! - Brand UnionLogolounge to the design industry, can be comparable to the importance of a GPRS to a traveller - it's the best selling design series ever published and we are proud to announce that our Creative Director, Bronwen Rautenbach, has received the exceptional honour of being chosen as one of the eight international judges (and the only judge from South Africa) of this year's annual. 21 Aug 2008 Read more >>

Leading brand consultancy, The Brand Union brings their internal global network to life through sharing of talent. 14 Jul 2008 Read more >>

Leading brand consultancy, The Brand Union, has boosted its talent pool with a number of new appointments. 11 Jun 2008 Read more >>

South Africa's most innovative airline,, has teamed up with The Brand Union to refresh its brand. 7 Mar 2008 Read more >>

Looking back to go forward - Brand UnionDauntless design, liberalising luxury and Africa's coming of age. MD of The Brand Union – Johannesburg, David Blyth takes a closer look at the next directions in branding on the back of what's been happening in the market last year. 5 Feb 2008 Read more >>

Leading brand consultancy The Brand Union bolsters its talent pool with a number of new appointments in client service and the creative arm. 1 Feb 2008 Read more >>

Champagne and celebrations at The Brand Union launch party - Brand UnionWith a stylish bash and creative splash, The Brand Union unveiled their brand new look and offering, hosted at their Sandton offices. A sparkling new company with a 30-year heritage of brand building, The Brand Union (formerly Enterprise IG) treated clients, suppliers and industry personalities to a celebration of Bright Ideas, Beautifully Crafted, as is their unique approach to brand building. 3 Dec 2007 Read more >>

Six of Enterprise IG's clients scooped top honours in this year's Top Brands survey, coming in as category leaders of South Africa's favourite brands poll. As South Africa's top brand consultancy, Enterprise IG is proud to have partnered with these number one brands, tallied by the Sunday Times Markinor Top Brands survey. 16 Aug 2007 Read more >>

Enterprise IG appoints top international talent to exec position - Brand UnionBolstering their international talent corps, Enterprise IG is delighted to announce the appointment of David Lett to their African office's executive team. A prominent design talent in the UK and overseas markets, Lett takes up the position of Executive Design Director with the multinational brand consultancy next month, bringing over 20 years design and branding experience to the table. 15 Aug 2007 Read more >>

Merc's new showrooms are show-stoppers - Brand UnionMercedes-Benz has stepped up the gear of its offering to commercial vehicle customers with their new head-turning facilities in Centurion and the East Rand. Brand consultancy Enterprise IG designed a showroom that proudly displays commercial vehicles in an enclosed, celebrated space, drawing on key ingredients from the traditionally more glamourous passenger vehicle facilities. 29 Jun 2007 Read more >>

Lexus: local is luxury - Brand UnionWhen stepping into Lexus' latest flagship dealership in Fourways, you might be forgiven for thinking you'd taken a wrong turn into a five-star hotel. The epitome of luxury and elegance, the gleaming new motor vehicle dealership raises the bar – indeed, sets the benchmark – of premium motor vehicle showrooms in South Africa. 15 Jun 2007 Read more >>

Enterprise IG’s bald and beautiful - Brand UnionBritney did it first. Then Enterprise IG. In support of the Cancer Association of South Africa’s “Dare to Go Bare” campaign, brand consultancy Enterprise IG hosted an in-office corporate CANSA Shava- and Sprayathon last week to give their staff the opportunity to participate in the national fundraiser. 5 Mar 2007 Read more >>

Ovations' new identity gets a big hand - Brand UnionBusiness performance improvement specialist Ovations unveiled their new corporate identity at the end of last year with the help of global brand consultancy Enterprise IG. With a fresh face that is clean, simple and progressive - indicative of their approach to solving their clients' challenges - Ovations has carved its own niche in a playing field of staid, old school and formal management consultant competitors.  8 Jan 2007 Read more >>

Enterprise IG is moving to 'Brand Land' - Brand UnionEnterprise IG's African head quarters is relocating from sleepy, leafy Sunninghill suburbia to the heart and pulse of Sandton's CBD.  28 Nov 2006 Read more >>

Enterprise IG appoints Tendai Mhizha to head up strategy - Brand UnionGlobal brand consultancy Enterprise IG has appointed Tendai Mhizha as the Africa office's Strategy Director.  8 Nov 2006 Read more >>

Clover on the moooove - Brand UnionIf, to your surprise, you've spied a bunch of daisies and a happy cow zooting past you in downtown traffic lately, chances are you've just spotted one of Clover's funky new vehicles on the move. Splashed with upbeat, cartoon-like cows and flowers alike, the colourful Clover cars are taking dairy out of the kitchen and on to the streets.  9 Oct 2006 Read more >>

Enterprise IG shortlisted for Business Day/BASA award - Brand UnionIn recognition of their generous pro bono work for the South African Ballet Theatre, brand design consultancy Enterprise IG has been shortlisted for an award in the ninth annual Business Day/BASA awards which honours businesses supporting the arts. 10 May 2006 Read more >>

As Dubai Marina is set to become one of the most sought-after pieces of real estate in the world, its branding evolution is also on-track to breaking an entirely different record: a Guinness Book of World Records™ as the World's Longest Outdoor Brand Communication.  4 Oct 2005 Read more >>

The South African transformation that has taken place in the last ten years is recognised the world over but how do take it a step further and turn this phenomenon into a commercial branding success story? Enterprise IG South Africa CEO Anthony Swart, suggests that it's time to leverage global optimism towards Brand South Africa, before it's too late. 27 Sep 2005 Read more >>

Ingrid Reid Andrews has been appointed managing director for global brand agency Enterprise IG - Cape Town. 23 Aug 2005 Read more >>

As the ballerina takes her final curtain call, it's hard to believe that just a few years ago the South African Ballet Theatre was a fledgling company trying to get off the ground. However, as they launched their new corporate identity to a sold out theatre at the opening of LaTraviata last month, the South African Ballet Theatre portrayed a strong example of dedicated citizens determined to keep arts and culture alive in this country. 19 Jul 2005 Read more >>

The challenge of aligning a brand always works across many levels - from the finest detail of product offering to the broadest cultural trends. And the techniques needed differ. 16 May 2005 Read more >>

There is a dangerous myth abroad: the myth of the happy, smiling motivated employee. 9 Nov 2004 Read more >>

With the help of brand design agency Enterprise IG, pro bono client Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand now boasts a fresh corporate identity. 8 Nov 2004 Read more >>

Great companies and brands are often founded on a simple promise - and rediscovering that Compelling Truth can be the key to long term success. 1 Nov 2004 Read more >>

Many of us would prefer to forget our school days, leaving memories of scratchy uniforms, unpronounceable Latin songs and exam halls buried forever. But let's say, metaphorically speaking, that you were given the opportunity to return to your old school as a student once again, only this time, armed with a sense of maturity and, hopefully, a little more worldly-wise. What aspects of your school would you change? What aspects, if any, would stay the same? 21 Oct 2004 Read more >>

Enterprise IG took top kudos at this year's Loerie Awards ceremony by walking away with the 'Design and Integrated Agency of the Year' trophy. 4 Oct 2004 Read more >>

Here's your starter for ten. Which non-music brand is fast becoming a major music retailer? 20 Sep 2004 Read more >>

With the Olympic Games well underway, it's not just our talented athletes we can be proud of. Global brand design agency Enterprise IG is the local SA creative talent behind the entire visual language and presence branding of Coca Cola at the 2004 Olympic Games. 22 Aug 2004 Read more >>

'I wandered lonely as a cloud'. 'I walked around by myself'... Yes, we all know how we say things (as well as what we say) has an important effect on the people we're trying to communicate with. Yet strangely, companies' use of language - the style, tone, vocabulary, phrasing and so on of their verbal and written texts - remains a neglected field when it comes to branding. 10 Aug 2004 Read more >>

Your brand is one of your company's most valuable assets. Nurture and invest in it and the power of that brand becomes evident. However, fail to maintain and control consistency of the brand and all its applications and watch it dilute. 25 Jul 2004 Read more >>

Parent to child or adult to adult? Historically, brands had a parent/child relationship with consumers. Brands knew what consumers wanted and needed, and when brands communicated, consumers accepted their word. But over recent decades, consumers have begun to question brands more, and to turn to other sources of information such as pressure groups, the media, and regulators. In short, they have grown to expect a new type of adult-to-adult relationship.
 14 Jun 2004

Global brand agency Enterprise IG have had 18 of the logo's they created for various clients, selected from thousands of entry's, to appear in the second edition of the highly acclaimed book LogoLounge II. These winning images will feature alongside some of the best logo's and designers from around the world. 6 Apr 2004 Read more >>

As organic food begins emerging as a new consumer lifestyle trend in South Africa, Woolworths is leading the way with the launch of the new packaging for their Organics range. 15 Mar 2004 Read more >>

The growing strength of political democracy and a liberalising economy in Nigeria has created substantial opportunities for South African businesses in that country – but economic partnership with Nigerian business, rather than domination by South African companies, is the only model that will offer sustainable benefit to both parties. 11 Feb 2004 Read more >>

Rapidly evolving technology means it's not uncommon to pay bills or even shop for groceries on-line. But will the purchase of your new car be next? 14 Jan 2004 Read more >>

Global brand design agency Enterprise IG has appointed Doug de Villiers as Business Development Director. De Villiers' role involves growing Enterprise IG's existing presence in the greater African market. 4 Dec 2003 Read more >>

The value that product packaging can add in building brand loyalty and equity is all too often underrated, says Herman Behrens of Enterprise IG, the global brand design agency. 28 Oct 2003 Read more >>

If the current climate has left you static, with a strategy of "safety first", then the very first edition of Issues, a new Enterprise IG publication, will provide you with insights that will help you adapt, innovate and rebuild security through growth. 13 Oct 2003 Read more >>

Brand owners, designers, packaging technicians and waste management consultants, all driven by consumer insights, are creating a new, environmentally friendly packaging paradigm – that is sustainable and relevant. 13 Aug 2003 Read more >>

Leading global strategic brand design agency, Enterprise IG, argues that everyone in an organisation is a custodian of a brand. 9 Jul 2003 Read more >>

Enterprise IG's drive to lead the field in offering a true "holistic branding" service to clients has resulted in the company being the only strategic brand and design consultancy to employ designers across all disciplines – from architects, to interior designers, industrial designers, product designers, graphic designers, human behaviour designers and dedicated brand strategists. 11 Jun 2003 Read more >>