Launch Factory has announced the launch of the fourth season of the award-winning television show, Healthline, in Ghana. 1 Apr 2014 Read more >>

Branded content has come a long way since detergent manufacturers sponsored afternoon dramas on American television thereby creating that common place television term - the soap opera. From clumsy endorsements or product placements to brands being written into the script or even taking a bigger staring role, branded content has arrived. 17 Feb 2014 Read more >>

Launch Factory Experiential was requested to present a Branded Content paper at the AITEC Broadcast, Film and Music Africa held in Nairobi. This conference is the largest annual gathering of broadcast, film, music and other electronic media and content creation and distribution professionals in sub-Saharan Africa. 16 Jul 2013 Read more >>

Launch Factory Experiential Delivers a "NOT NORMAL" Dealer Event for MINI South Africa 24 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Launch Factory Experiential, the producers of Healthline are proud to announce that the show has been awarded two more awards to increase the award tally to an unprecedented four awards. HealthLine was awarded the Overall Best TV Programme of the Year 2012 at the Radio and Television Personality Awards. It beat off strong competition from TV3's Edziban, Guinness Football Challenge, Touching Lives, MTN Soccer Academy, The One Show and Standpoint. 30 May 2013 Read more >>

With a strong presence in seven African countries, our award-winning Branded Content Division is rapidly expanding and creating new opportunities for advertisers to allow brands to connect with their targets and reach their strategic goals. The Branded Content division offers clients specialised services to produce the best 360-degree content, with the best talent and distribute it through the most appropriate channels. 9 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Launch Factory is an experiential agency using strategy, technology and design in harmony to create innovative experiences that are measurable and award winning. 11 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Vodafone Ghana's award-winning TV show Healthline has just won another award - Overall Best TV Programme at the Radio and Television Personality awards in Ghana. 1 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Ghana, Accra 9 September 2012: Vodafone Ghana's Healthline TV show has won the 'TV program of the year 2011' award at the 23rd CIMG awards held at the Banquet Hall over the weekend. 12 Sep 2012 Read more >>

Vodafone Ghana's award-winning TV show Healthline has returned to the screens with the story of Nadia, a victim of a horrific road traffic accident, who needed help to pay her medical bills and get a prosthetic leg. The revolutionary health TV show returned to TV screens on Sunday, 5th August 2012. 4 Sep 2012 Read more >>

1. Acquisition background and objectives 7 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Launch Factory produces season two of Airtel Touching Lives Ghana. 24 Jul 2012 Read more >>

When I was a young recruit in the industry, there was a tried and tested formulaic approach to creating fresh content that could be utilised across the proliferation of new media channels popping up daily. Then, after that archaic process had been completed, if there was any money left the brand experience, BTL, event and field marketing companies would rightfully get tasked to do something by the lead agency. Unfortunately, what the ATL agency passed down was usually off-message, off-strategy and a waste of the remaining clients' money - live was just thought of as an afterthought. 20 Jun 2012 Read more >>

We did warn you, and you knew it would happen, yep, Durban Rock the Boat, the Party to Paradise with FusionICE Vodka, is officially SOLD OUT. If you haven't bought/won or begged a ticket yet, you are out of luck. 2,100 of the trendiest and luckiest people will be enjoying three nights and four days of top-notch entertainment, relaxation, parties, movies, comedy and more as they set sail on the MSC Sinfonia from Durban on December 9th. 28 Nov 2011 Read more >>

If you've never Rocked The Boat before... well, we're very sorry to hear it. But, there is still time! You, friend, really need to read this before it's too late. 25 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Branded Content is the way to truly engage the hearts and minds of viewers. 24 Oct 2011 Read more >>

For all those who have been waiting, well, the wait is over. The sponsor for the 2011 Rock the Boat Party to Paradise can finally be announced. 5 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Rock the Boat 2011 tickets on sale from 8am Monday, August 1st. 3 Aug 2011 Read more >>

2011 Rock the Boat Party holiday tickets to go on sale August 1st. 25 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Miller Rock the Boat has just released the official video for 2010. Passengers on Miler Rock the Boat have been asking us about the video that was filmed on board during the cruise. The team spent a lot of time making sure the video was crafted to our satisfaction and finally we are happy. 15 Mar 2011 Read more >>

Miller Genuine Draft South Africa will be giving 44 lucky people one more chance to Rock The Boat from 10-13 December 2010, with the launch of 'The Final 44' campaign. 27 Oct 2010 Read more >>

The last cabins for purchase on Miller Rock The Boat are available online at 14 Oct 2010 Read more >>


Miller Rock The Boat will be leaving Durban Harbor on Friday the 10th of December and returning Monday the 13th of December 2010 !!! 21 Jul 2010 Read more >>

Branded content has come a long way since detergent manufacturers sponsored afternoon dramas on American television thereby creating that commonplace television term - the soap opera. From clumsy endorsements or product placements to brands being written into the script or even taking a bigger staring role, branded content has arrived. 20 May 2010 Read more >>

The launch of the Miller Rock The Boat has been a phenomenal success. 24 Jul 2009 Read more >>

At Launch Factory Experiential we are continually evolving to meet the needs of the ever-changing environment. Launch Factory Experiential has recently introduced a Branded Properties division. Branded Properties creates unique experiences finding a gap in the market. “We conceptualise ideas which allows brands an opportunity to attach themselves to the experience and interact with their consumers on an experiential level,” said head of properties, Shaun Borowsky. 20 Jul 2009 Read more >>

For each generation, there are just a few events that will forever define and shape history. More numerous are the other events some local, some global, that also mark the timelines of our lives. Some events mark a precise date and time, others were experienced by different individuals at different times, but are equally memorable. 25 Jun 2009 Read more >>

Launch Factory recently created and hosted a series of vibrantly colourful experiential events across South Africa. These events were designed to help communicate the benefits associated with Samsung's new range of office printers, namely their hassle-free, super-fast and superior colour print quality. 12 Jan 2009 Read more >>

BMW Hyde Park Auto in Johannesburg was recently transformed into a multi-sensory playground for the launch of Samsung's new Series of LCD TVs. 16 Jul 2008 Read more >>

Launch Factory have produced a reality show called “Touching Lives” for Celtel, the dominant mobile network in Zambia. This brilliant concept was devised by Diallo Communications for their client. The show gets up close and personal with the consumer and delivers on their brand promise of “Making Life Better”. 11 Jun 2008 Read more >>

Launch Factory Experiential was tasked with the launch of FNB's latest range of corporate wardrobe. At a function at The Theatre on the Track the new range of corporate ware was released. 12 May 2008 Read more >>

Samsung's recent launch of their latest LCD and Plasma Screen range was a lavish and thrilling spectacle that had to be seen to be believed. In true vaudeville tradition guests were treated to an evening of mystery and magic in which skilled acrobats performed breathtaking feats inside a luxuriously ornate circus tent. 12 Feb 2008 Read more >>

Spero Patricios MD of Launch Factory, a leading South African experiential agency, has recently returned from Kenya where an Africa CONNECT Network has been established. 5 Nov 2007 Read more >>

Launch Factory's recent collaboration with Glamour Aid resulted in a star studded charity gala held in August at The Palms in Sandton. Glamour Aid is a Section 21 non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting mental and physical abuse in South Africa. The motivation behind their gala evening was the unveiling of their groundbreaking 2008 celebrity calendar. 17 Sep 2007 Read more >>

Launch Factory, a leading experiential agency, was awarded the "Bronze Award" for best experiential event at the Loeries ceremony in Margate on the weekend. 31 Jul 2007 Read more >>

How to press-launch a range of appliances as diverse as vacuum cleaners, ovens and fridges? 4 Jul 2007 Read more >>

Nedbank were launching a revolutionary product, specifically aimed at the mounting business problems with cash in the SA environment: counting it, authenticating it, handling it, storing it, etc. 1 Jul 2007 Read more >>

As part of MTN's ongoing programme for their top 3000 clients, Launch Factory creates various top-level events. Each has to be entirely different and is aimed at pampering these valued customers. On this occasion the client brief was for an intimate event, spread over 3 consecutive evenings, that would create ‘a special warmth in the midst of a Highveld winter'. 10 Jun 2007 Read more >>

Samsung's new Ultra range of mobile phones are the world's slimmest. And most striking when actually held in the hand. So how to get them up close and personal with our core target of 25–35 year old style-conscious males? 2 Jun 2007 Read more >>