Angela Whitehouse and Glasshouse have had their hands full with the latest Clientele campaign. Starting in March with the Hospital brand, and working though to August, they then moved to funeral, and two brand new legal brands offering personal and business cover. 14 Oct 2015 Read more >>

Neil and Castle La Liga - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsO&M Africa has been keeping Neil from Glasshouse busy with the latest Castle La Liga sponsorship campaign. 3 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Glasshouse, Coca-Cola and Brazil 2014 - a 'match' made in heaven - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsDraftfcb and Coca-Cola kept Angela at Glasshouse very busy for the duration of the Brazil FIFA World Cup when Coca-Cola gave six South African football-playing grannies the opportunity to experience the Soccer World Cup atmosphere for themselves. 14 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Neil stays savvy with Joe Public - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsNeil from Glasshouse worked closely with Joe Public on Nedbank's popular 'savvy' Save for a Rainy Day marketing campaign which was brought to life through an exciting and innovative new billboard, using technology that has never been seen before in South Africa. 2 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Slicks - a brand-new car show for the South African market - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsJames O'Sullivan has been hard at work for the last three months on an exciting new car show for the South African market... 18 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Neil's Edgars extravaganza - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsNeil Gow, has just completed his third Edgars job for the year, most notably Edgars "Beauty extravaganza", shot by international award winning stills photographer Justin Polkey of Film Machine. It boasts a compilation of beautiful, sexy Moulin Rouge type sequences - a concept which initially seemed rather riske' for Edgars, but one which they quickly fell in love with. 28 May 2013 Read more >>

Glasshouse... The next chapter - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsIt's been 11 years since Glasshouse opened its doors, and it still feels like yesterday! This is what happens when each new day brings a new challenge and each new project we work on is like the very first day at an exciting new job! 21 May 2013 Read more >>

Glasshouse: Hands up for Angela and Cell C - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsAngela from Glasshouse has just completed the latest Cell C "hands" commercial. 21 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Glasshouse: Angela edits the Liquifruit sequel... again! - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsHaving embarked on the latest Liquifruit campaign in February of last year... and taking nearly a year to flight, the public finally have the joy of watching this beautifully crafted commercial... an extension in the series of beautiful girls, lost in dream-like desert sequences seeking the ultimate in pleasure... a cold can of Liquifruit! 5 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Neil for NUM - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsNeil wrapped up 2012 with a groundbreaking first-ever TV commercial for NUM - National Union of Mineworkers. Shot by Danie van der Heever of Catalyst Films, it's a beautifully epic pictorial of the growth and development of the union. 31 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Neil has added one of his much loved genres to his impressive showreel with the latest Toyota 86 TV commercial... 6 Nov 2012 Read more >>

New offices for Glasshouse - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsWith a bumper year behind them, Glasshouse has found it necessary to expand their offices yet again! Now boasting two comfortable edit suites and a production office all in one... (still in the Bladeworks building... and still just down the passage from the bar!), their workflow is even more streamlined and as a result they have been busier than ever. 18 Oct 2012 Read more >>

James O'Sullivan joins Glasshouse - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsJames O' Sullivan studied a BA in creative brand communications at Vega for three years, specialising in visual communication. He worked as an Art Director at Morris Jones for two years, during which time he completed a photography course at the College of Digital Photography. 12 Oct 2012 Read more >>

No drinking and driving for Glasshouse! - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsGlasshouse and Angela Whitehouse have been extremely excited and privileged to be part of the controversial "Don't drink and Drive" commercial campaign from agency Black River and SA Breweries. 9 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Angela and Glasshouse strike again - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsAngela Whitehouse has just added another gem to her reel: Jungle Oats, shot by Bruce Paynter of CAB productions. 8 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Glasshouse has just invested in the latest top-of-the-line Mac Pro 12-core system, with the latest Final Cut and Avid 5 Media Composer software, capable of 4:4:4 HD video and 3D... Avatar 2 here we come!!! 25 Feb 2011 Read more >>

Though "mobile" is their watchword, due to the increasing workload and growing number of editors, the producers at Glasshouse have found it necessary to have a base close to home and so have opened a production office within Bladeworks. 23 Feb 2011 Read more >>

Dale Venediger, previously employed as the off-line/on-line FCP editor for Ministry of Illusion, has joined Glasshouse. 18 Feb 2011 Read more >>

Life beyond FIFA... - Glasshouse Mobile Editing SolutionsAfter spending way too much time watching soccer, Angela alleviated the post-World Cup blues by jumping straight into editing the new steers "goggo" commercial for Bioscope Films and TBWA Hunt Lascaris - yet another wonderfully comic performance piece to add to her reel! 30 Aug 2010 Read more >>

Recent demands on our company have seen a rising increase in the need for an additional approval suite. It is for this reason that in addition to our existing suite at Blade, (which we like to refer to as our Blavid), we have now also opened up the “moivid” based at Ministry of Illusion. 19 Jun 2009 Read more >>

The mobile nature of Glasshouse has recently proven to be a huge asset to our clients due to the fact that we are now able to be present on set. 7 May 2009 Read more >>

SA Tourism has taken a new approach to advertising by launching a campaign whereby our country is showcased in clips that are posted on YouTube. These clips are mini-documentaries of tourists sharing their various experiences in South Africa from their point of view. 15 Oct 2008 Read more >>

Some call it shameful, some call it admirable, but all we know is that Neil's passion for soccer is rivalled only closely by his passion for cars and editing. Luckily he has been given the opportunity to indulge in two of his great loves at once and create some visual masterpieces for the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup. 10 Oct 2007 Read more >>

For years, the industry has been calling for changes to the post production sector, to no avail. Glasshouse grew tired of the status quo and decided to take the ball into our own hands, stay ahead of the game and take the radical steps that saw us move out of our large offices and into a “virtual environment”. 3 Mar 2007 Read more >>

Since a very modest beginning in extremely traumatic circumstances in May 2002, Glass House Post Production has emerged as a consistently busy and competitive offline editing company, having just finished our 110th job and celebrated our first birthday. 5 Jun 2003 Read more >>