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The 10 most self-destructive digital marketing mistakes of 2014 - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)As digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) analysts we spend a large amount of our time figuring out why a company's digital marketing strategy or SEO budget failed to deliver the results that they had hoped for. When everything heads south, we get called in to dissect and often fix the problem. 12 Dec 2014 Read more ++

Blue Magnet Digital declares zero tolerance for poor AdWords ROI - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)For far too long companies have been misled to believe that capturing as many clicks as possible is the single most important metric in a search advertising campaign, regardless of whether or not that click turns into a customer. 18 Nov 2014 Read more ++

Google drives vigorous change in SEO and web PR tactics - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)Over the past six weeks Google has launched a number of attacks on SEO spammers resulting in harsh penalties for some, while those who have been following the straight and narrow over the past year have awaited these updates with much elation. 10 Nov 2014 Read more ++

Search marketers blindsided by Google's encrypted search? - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)Search marketers were delivered a painful blow last month as Google announced that it was moving towards complete encryption of all searches performed on Google, except for data that comes from paid search ads. This development has completely blindsided the search industry as they say goodbye to freely accessible keyword data. 25 Oct 2013 Read more ++

Can your opinions and negative comments about individuals, companies and brands that you post on Twitter and other social media platforms hurt you - legally speaking? 26 Feb 2013 Read more ++

Will your hotel thrive or dive under the new Google changes? - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)There has been a lot of controversy around Google's many updates - such as Google's Hotel Finder - that have significantly impacted the travel and hospitality industry over the past two years. Hotels are crying out against the latest Google Hotel Finder while travel agents seem to be enjoying the spotlight that their businesses are receiving. 25 Feb 2013 Read more ++

Top 10 SEO tips for 2013 for non-SEO specialists - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)Search Engine Optimisers (SEO's) know that search engines have a very complicated scientific algorithm that they use in order to determine which web pages will come up first on the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages). Google for instance, has over 250 different variables (each holding a different weight) that it uses to determine which pages should rank for certain search queries. 6 Dec 2012 Read more ++

DMI professional diploma in digital marketing now available in South Africa - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)Blue Magnet Digital Solutions and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) today announced a partnership that will aim to address the increasing shortage of professionally trained and skilled digital marketers in South Africa. 11 Sep 2012 Read more ++

Blue Magnet launches SEO Certification Program in South Africa - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)Blue Magnet Digital Solutions announces the launch of the first vendor-neutral Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Certification Program in South Africa. 24 Jul 2012 Read more ++

In a recent article that I wrote entitled "The People Who Break Google: 14 deadline SEO sins", I commented that "Many SEO's know that a link from a social media site holds substantial value insofar as the ranking score is concerned". A guest commented that this statement was not necessarily true. I am not sure if he or she meant that it was not true that SEO's actually know that, or that it was not true that links from social media sites hold any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) value. Either way, this comment led me to write this article where I will delve deeper into the details surrounding the perceived value of social media in SEO. 26 Jun 2012 Read more ++

There are a number of, what the industry calls, "Black Hat" SEO techniques that companies (and even some SEO Consultants) may be tempted to practice so that they can try to push their rankings for target keywords to the top of the Google Search Results. 20 Jun 2012 Read more ++

Google Trends show that South Africa currently ranks 4th highest (after Pakistan, India and Ireland) in searches for 'Jobs in Online Marketing'. In Africa, Kenya shows the most searches for 'Internet Marketing', followed by South African and then Uganda with this search term peaking in January 2010 since 2004. 1 Jan 2012 Read more ++

Innovative Brands of the Digital Era - BlueMagnet (Digital Solutions & Training Academy)Things are shifting in the most unpredictable ways and with the emergence of mobile devices, tablets, social media and artificial intelligence; there is an enormous opportunity for companies to embrace these platforms and deliver a powerful intuitive and engaging integrated brand strategy. 1 Jul 2011 Read more ++

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