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We are part of the Media24 Group. We have 97 titles. From our Dailies to our Sunday papers to our locals, we reach almost every target segment in South Africa, no small achievement in a country as diverse as ours. But the most exciting fact is how we become part of the community that we serve.
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Advertising vs adtech - is there a difference?Digital has been a buzzword in the advertising fraternity for some time now. A fair portion of ad spend is being attributed to digital advertising, but is it being channelled in the right direction to get the best return on investment (ROI)? When advertisers put all their focus on getting the most eyeballs for their ad spend, often through programmatic buying, they get a false sense of ROI. Online advertising includes both advertising on credible sites and on questionable sites and it is important to recognise the difference. 18 May 2017 Read more

All the news is always on hand in Afrikaans with Netwerk24These insights about Netwerk24 were shared with media agencies countrywide as part of Ads24's latest roadshow: #inroADS24. 15 May 2017 Read more

NetNuus - bite-sized news and snackable adsNetNuus (JustNews), which launched last June, is like an espresso, it's short, it's quick and it's got punch. It's news in 250 characters with pictures and videos. There are 100 posts in the stream and it takes about five minutes to read the entire stream. MJ Lourens, the editor of NetNuus, shares insights about NetNuus, where it started, the loyalty of the Afrikaans audience and what the app actually does. He explores visual and video content, appealing to baby boomers and millennials, and how to get the audience engaged. 11 May 2017 Read more

Waar of WolhaarWaar of Wolhaar (True or Fake)Have you heard about the latest buzz surrounding the Afrikaans community? It's been all over town - three cities to be exact: Cape Town, Durban and Jo'burg. More specifically in the boardrooms and auditoriums of media agencies, which emanated gasps, laughter and whoops of excitement. Those lucky enough to crack an invite were in on what created all this hype: Jason Goliath, an Afrikaans card game and some of Media24's Afrikaans publishers and editors. So how did this brainchild of Ads24 create all this hype and build engagement #inroADS24 with media agencies and direct clients? 13 Apr 2017 Read more

Newspapers have become news brands as publishers go multiplatformWhen publishers speak of a newspaper these days, they generally mean more than the news print paper that is either delivered to one's door or bought at a retailer. People in the newspaper business know that the online properties of the newspaper, websites, apps and social media, all form part of the news brand. This has, however, not necessarily filtered down to the layman or even, for that matter, to marketers and media agencies. 13 Apr 2017 Read more

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