Berge Farrell was founded in 2004 with the intention of introducing a truly strategically led design business into the marketplace. The individual experiences of the founding partners led each of them to the understanding that design for the sake of design is transient and disappointing.

"Strategy doesn't need to be belaboured: it's all about how well it's conceived and whether or not it makes sense," explains managing director Andrew Nel. "Ultimately it's the understanding of how a brand performs that is critical when it comes to strategically led design.

"In a multicultural world design cuts through the clutter and levels of literacy," he says. "Design allows everybody - regardless of their position in life - to share and experience a brand's physical presentation. Done correctly, packaging doesn't lie and communicates in a very respectful manner."

The phenomenal growth of Berge Farrell over the last 6 years would validate the need for a business with such an orientation and the solid and mutually respectful relationships the agency has with its blue chip clients again demonstrates the longevity of considered design and its obvious benefit to client.

Berge Farrell now works on 4 continents for a myriad of global lead brands as well as being at the epicentre of new brand development for major multinational brand companies. Whilst the core creative competency of Berge Farrell resides in the creation of packaging, the agency also works on corporate identities and the execution of brand world elements.

The agency's design studio is to be found in Cape Town; a melting pot of culture, innovation and inspiration. Further offices are in Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi, with a European base being in the short term vision.

By the end of 2010 Berge Farrell will be the one of the most significant design business in Africa and will become a noteworthy player within the Middle East market whilst continuing its solid and reliable growth in Europe.