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about us
All our tales are told through the prism of our ethics, energy and empowerment. Throughout the course of our journey, Creatrix is committed to a culture that creates relevant, empathic, multicultural branded story campaigns from brief to broadcast. Each with its own happy ending.

Radio Experts
Creatrix specialises in multilingual, destination-driven radio content, telling brand stories on radio for over twenty-five years. From brief to broadcast.

Branded Content
Branded content is the most effective way to fuse emotive and functional benefits, creating destination-listening platforms that tune into listeners' needs.

Creatrix campaigns roll out in eleven South African languages, letting you speak to your target market on their terms, on their turf, in their lingo.

We tell brand stories that educate and entertain our audiences. Creatrix campaigns synergise on air, on the ground and online touchpoints.