Emlo Communications
Public Relations, Communications and Social Media Agency
About Us
Emlo Communications was founded in 2011 when Marisa Louw, also known as 'eM', decided to start a freelancing career in Public Relations. The business' name is her initial and surname, M Louw, and the logo is a version of her signature.

The agency became a subsidiary of Triple Invest (Pty) Ltd in April 2016 and was registered as a Private Company in the same month.

Emlo provides public relations services that help businesses and individuals improve their brand's reputation. This, over time, results in increased brand awareness and recognition that ultimately improves the bottom-line. Emlo's approach is unique in that it combines a sense of business with a sense of humour to deliver exceptional and recurring results. Unlike advertising, public relations rely on building long-lasting relationships with the media to give your brand all the exposure it needs, on both traditional and new media channels, with an excellent return on investment.

We are not a team of pretty faces in little black dresses standing around at networking events. Our team has solid all-round business experience that, combined with a sense of humour so often lacking in the PR industry, focusses on building relationships that last.