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Mercatique Consulting

Mercatique Consulting pronounced \Merkatik\ concentrates on providing premium Marketing and Communication Strategies, Media & Publicity, Events and Project Management Solutions for organizations, both locally and internationally.

We aim to position our clients on local and international platforms through our service offering, delivering innovative and new age ideas to market and communicate our client's brands keeping our clients a breast with current trends and revolving techniques offering sustainable strategies
Keeping you ready for tomorrow!

Mercatique Consulting (MC) is 100% Black Owned B-BBEE Level 1 Communications Firm, focusing on providing primarily the finest Marketing, Media, Publicity, Events, Communications and Project Management Solutions for Small, Medium, Micro and Large organizations, both locally and internationally with a global reach and an exciting service offering, delivering innovative ideas across the continent and the globe.

We are dedicated, creative thinkers, that bring this association to life, offering clients a one stop offering, extending a message to a wider audience.

As a service company, our people are our most important asset and it is their contributions which drive the ongoing success of Mercatique Consulting.

Our Core Features

Mercatique Consulting offers a fascinating blend of research, planning, people skills intuitive management and content that ultimately results into industry thought leading events, conferences and workshops.

We offer our clintes additional revenue stream through our Business Development Management services where we will plan for effective strategies and pitches that will persuade other business organisations to sponsor events / projects.