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Picture Tree produces and directs local and international commercials, as well as more recently, feature films, and is recognized by the industry as one of the top production companies in South Africa. There is a strong understanding of advertising as a business. Which doesn't distract from the creativity of the concept driven work where the idea is king.

Picture Tree works with a wide variety of ad agencies worldwide including affiliated agencies such as Draft FCB, TBWA, JWT, DDB and Ogilvy.

The company has 6 in-house directors with producers, production teams and research as support.

Picture Tree projects is a division overseen by Gary and encompasses all content that falls outside of commercials: be it mobile, internet, music videos or any other content.

Picture Tree Features:

Picture Tree features is a fledging part of the company too. With one successful feature film under the belt and more in prep. This division has lots on the brew.


Alan Irvin
Fausto Becatti
Gersh Kgamedi
JH Beetge
Mukunda Dewil
Richard Truter