About Us

Spectacular Exhibition and Event Venue Enhancements

3D Deco is an International leader in event decor, transforming any event venue from linear to awe-inspiring experiences.

Our creative stretch products, including wall & ceiling scapes, 3D FX Mobiles as well as domes and tents reflect intelligent lighting or sunlight creating a memorable atmosphere of Magnificent Visual Wonder. Certain products can be fragranced with a light scent of your choice, adding to the holistic experience for your guests.

Our new range of products use the ancient science of Bio Geometrical energy of shape to lift and dissipate electromagnetic smog in any space.

All our products refract intelligent lighting and sunlight, casting multidimensional shadows on venue surfaces

We have infused the fibre of our textiles with Bio Geometric harmonic resonance to remove the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and balance the energy in the venues we decorate.

The use of aromatherapy oil mists adds to a memorable, healing and holistic experience for guests.

Our professional service, successful deliveries and grateful clients are manifested by our dedicated team who are experts in their field.

With 14 years of experience, 3D Deco is a leader in tension fabric structures.
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