About Us

At MetropolitanRepublic we work on the premise that advertising is one-way, while communication is a two-way street. And we like having conversations with consumers. In fact, we don't even like the word consumers, because, like us, they're really just people. People with families, home loans, feelings, problems and favourite songs.

Because we like people so much, we employ really interesting ones. Musicians, poets, fashion designers and academics. Even a few copywriters and Account Directors. Although you can learn a lot about this industry from books, in our experience there's nothing like a truly diverse talent pool to help unearth those unexpected insights.

Currently we work with clients like FNB, Aveng Group, Nando's, SAB Miller, MNET-VUZU and MTN - Africa's largest cellular network. We've created successful campaigns for them. And with success, of course, we mean business success. The kind of real, measurable success that grows businesses, creates jobs and delivers profits. Isn't that why companies like ours exist in the first place? And this success has taken us across the South African border to Uganda where we hope to enjoy the same level of conversation with their consumers and marketers.

Sure, we've won some of those shiny statues that ad agencies are so fond of. We like those too, by the way, but they're really not worth obsessing over. The way we see it, creative work is work that sells. Creative work that doesn't sell is just art. And we're not an art agency. Or an ad agency, for that matter. Tell you what; the moment they invent a name for what we are, we'll let you know. And then we'll evolve into something else.