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What do you mean “what does it mean”?
It means whatever you want it to mean!
To be honest though, it’s more about ideas that Stick than celery Sticks, pogo Sticks or Sticking to the knitting… but, hey, if that’s what tingles your temples then that’s just fine with us. If you want to call us Stick people then call us Stick people. If you think that the stuff we do is Stick-i-stuff, then it probably is. And yes, all our financial goodies will probably go under the general heading of Stick figures. So, Stick of dynamite, hit ‘em over the head with a big Stick, Stick around, Stick up for, Stick together… they’re all fine. We really don’t mind what you call us… just call us. 011 996 3400
Formed on April Fool's Day in 2006 by Nicole Wills, Mike Ellman-Brown and Darryl Cowling, STICK is a multi-disciplinary, outcome-obsessed communication and design company dedicated to the creation of intelligent, persuasive selling ideas for some of South Africa's most loved brands.

We believe that it's our terrier-like enthusiasm that allows us to deliver outstanding, intrusive creativity timeously and at a price that is fair to both our clients and ourselves.

"Why did we call it STICK?" we hear you say... well, we like to think the name refers to (cue the orchestra) our uncanny ability to uncover those massively memorable ideas that stick to the hearts and minds of the wallet-toting consumers of the brands that our clients place in our care, creating management-pleasing sales graphs and career-rocketing results (phew, how's that for a sales pitch).

We are extremely proud to list Rand Merchant Bank, RMB Private Bank, Coca-Cola, Discovery, Grolsch Premium Lager, Ashburton Investments, WesBank, FirstRand, Pfizer, Shopware, Nando's, Nestle Ice-Cream, KWV, Glaceau Vitaminwater, Dulux, and Real People as brands to which we have been able to apply our skills.

There are eighteen of us and STICK is a proud Level 2 BEE compliant company.