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XON Retail Solutions offers the best of the global ESL industry in Africa and is the exclusive distributor of the Pricer Electronic Shelf Label System.

XON Retail Solutions provides the full installations for retailers as well as support. Major retailers like Carrefour in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy have rolled out its ESL systems. The system provides two-way communications that provides full visibility to the retailer on the shop floor. Reports on price change status, battery levels and far more can be pulled at any time. The system guarantees the prices on the shelves (label price) will be the same as the till price. This can only be guaranteed by the two-way communication system. The labels have 32 additional screens that can display additional information like "Rate of Sale", "Stock on Hand", "Stock on Order", "Delivery dates", and more. The ESL labels can also be set to flash when items are on promotion. The labels last up to 10 years on their own batteries, so load shedding will have no effect on pricing on the shelves.

The ESL system focuses on managing the store more efficiently to reduce cash flow and therefore ensure cost savings and improve customer loyalty.

XON Retail Solutions offers a strong technical team with offices across South Africa through the pan-African XON ICT group. XON Retail Solutions' values are to deliver a professional service to our retailers, using a passionate team with integrity. We believe the system has proven itself with more than 2,4 million labels already installed in South Africa.

Feel free to read articles from some of these retailers that have rolled out the ESL system at our website or contact or call +27 11 2374500.

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