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  • An HR professional and quality assurance body for HR learning provision
  • We are the voice for the HR profession
  • We set standards for HR ethics and professionalism
  • We register HR professionals
  • We build HR knowledge and competence
  • We credit HR Learning providers
  • Champions for high quality HR products and services and advance HR profession nationally and across the continent
  • Promote, direct and influence the development of the HR profession
  • In 2013 we launched first National HR Standards for South AFRICA

In 2002, the SABPP was granted the status of being the Education and Training Quality Assurance body for HR qualifications. In October 2012, this status has changed to that of Learning and Quality Assurance body (LQA). The SABPP is unique in this, as all the other ETQA/LQA's are housed within the various Sector Education and Training Authorities.

With the adoption in 2011 of the HR Voice strategy, and the recognition in 2012 by the South African Qualifications Authority of the SABPP as a professional body in terms of the NQF Act, the SABPP has entered its 4th decade with new vigour and purpose. Its scope of work has expanded considerably and a new generation of HR professionals is taking up registration with the Board