At Yourself Management world we believe that brands today should have one mission when it comes to marketing, which is: "To be Yourself advocated".

The simplicity of this statement is also its strength as it covers all perspectives relevant to marketing, such as employees, press, shareholders and of course the customers themselves. Each of these stakeholders should be stimulated to advocate the company, albeit by telling others about it or actively promoting it.

Now the question rises; "How can I get consumers to advocate my brand?", as established before traditional mass-media-push-campaigns are no longer the direct answer, because consumers are overwhelmed by all the advertising and promotions.

So you'll have to offer something extra as a brand to stimulate this behavior, and again the answer is fairly simple: 'by being relevant'. However 'being relevant' can be difficult because consumers' needs differ and their behaviour changes continuously. So you'll agree that introducing a fixed marketing strategy for say the next 3-5 years is no longer the answer.

Rather the answer is to create an adaptive marketing strategy, which can continuously be adapted to new insights, technologies and innovations: Marketing Yourself 365 program.

Yourself Mission and Vision

-To help your brand achieve its marketing/communications goals.

-To become a top-notch below the line marketing agency.


Feeling overwhelmed by all the challenges in the field of marketing?

Please find comfort in the fact that we know that you are alone, we have already inspired dozens of companies with Marketing Yourself 365 and helped them to adapt it via a rigorous approach.

Contact us for a tailor-made service and let us help you create an overall strategy for your brand to be relevant everyday and be advocated by all stakeholders.

Marketing Yourself 365 is a concept of Yourself Management.

Y Brand Activation
-Mall Activations
-In-Store Activations
-Intersections Activation
-Campus Activations
-Taxi/Bus Rank Activations
-Events Activations
-Churches Activations

Y Road Shows
-Product Demonstrations
-Product Launches
-Public Consultation
-Sales Tours

Y Events
-Corporate Events
-Social Events
-Sports Events
-Team Building
-Events Sound Hire
-Events Lighting Hire
-Events Stage Hire
-Gig Rig Hire

Y Entertainment
-Live Band
-Rent a Crowd