About Clover

Who we are
Clover Industries Limited is an established producer of dairy products and non-alcoholic beverages. With trusted products and brand names, Clover has earned its place as a staple item on the dinner tables of all kinds of families in South Africa and across various other African countries. We have developed our superior procurement, production and distribution methods to ensure our loyal consumers receive the best in value, quality and care.

Clover believes that healthy smiles come from eating food made with dairy goodness, and Clover is committed to encouraging healthy eating - that's what makes us Way Better!

Way Better goes Way Back
Clover's rich history began way back in 1898, with a series of meetings among a group of farmers in the lush pastures of the Natal Midlands. View the timeline below to see our proudly South African heritage and how we have turned into a publicly listed company that is still passionate about the milk procurement industry.