The Firewater Group has one mission - to service brand needs worldwide.

Our group offers a unique blend of strategic digital solutions and promotional lighting products. With a passionate and professional team at our core, we ensure that no brand is ever left in the dark.

Firewater builds the digital solutions that build companies. We've hand-picked the strongest talent to form the most dynamic and determined multidisciplinary team in the digital agency landscape.

In short: we are passionate, we are perfectionists and we are specialists. Each of these qualities is invested in making your digital presence a memorable one - from inception to completion and beyond.

Double Distilled Digital Agency

Firewater Light specialises in Promotional Lighting Products providing solutions to communications, advertising, event and promotional needs.

We embrace the sense of sight to really catch the eye our unique offering is the promotional gift that illuminates, glows, flashes or animates.

We supply a unique product mix and customise solutions to apply our technologies to any campaign and budget.

Promote Your Brand With Light