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McCann is a company built on the power of Truth.
The truth that transforms brands and businesses.

We believe Truth is a catalyst for authentic ideas, powerful ideas that will be believed, embraced and advocated by people in their everyday lives. These ideas are able to drive positive change in a brand's relationship with its consumers and its employees.

As technology evolves and competition increases in today's global economy, we increasingly find ourselves becoming innovation partners to our clients.

Helping them think of new ways to add value to people's lives - from new product development to new technology platforms that provide real-time connections and even new content and business models.

Looking at today's complex, rapidly-shifting, global advertising landscape it's hard to imagine that it all had to begin somewhere.

That ad agencies themselves had to be invented, as did worldwide agency networks,
sophisticated practices like integrated marketing communications, complex institutions that became communication holding companies and specialised units such as creative boutiques, and the like.

In understanding this, McCann has formed an extensive network that not only specialises in advertising and content development but acts as a valuable partner providing the following services; Brand Identity and Packaging, Relationship Marketing, Brand Activation and Shopper Marketing, Media Innovation, PR and Social Media and Health Care Marketing. All with a global distribution.

The century-long story of McCann is not one of, "we were there." Rather, it tells of the pivotal and innovative role we played in the creation and development of all of the above elements that define today's global advertising industry.