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Working with us

Liquid Lemon specializes in helping Brands and their customers, connect their Real Life activities and experiences, with the world of Social Media.

Through its innovative use of RFID Technology, Liquid Lemon enables users to share their experiences during real life events, such as Product Launches, Brand Activations and other experiential marketing efforts, with Social Media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter..

What is experiential marketing:

In today's time, how we choose to deliver information is key to our communication, and its how an audience chooses to accept that information that creates a brand we can trust.

Experiential marketing is a concept that integrates elements of emotion and is a cross-media promotional activity which encourages two way interaction between the consumer and the immersion into the brand.

Brands as a whole exist in people's hearts and minds, living through what people say about them. By getting people to talk positively about a particular brand, you're well on the way to success.

What we do:

By creating new and exciting ways for businesses to bring the social media experience into the real world by using RFID to create a unique user experience. We have created RFID systems for all types of events that drive enhanced visitor experiences while creating unprecedented behavioral measurement.

By deploying this unique technology we help marketers, event organisers and brands deliver and measure more compelling events than ever before.

We are committed to delivering solutions of the highest quality, and we promise to ensure that our customers enjoy working with us time and time again.

We are the future of Real Life Marketing - today!

Why use this technology?

  • Participation
  • Enhance event experience
  • Attract and engage
  • Drive action
  • Connect
  • Measurement
  • Message amplification
  • Behavior sharing