Octagon is a brand engagement agency and a world leader in sports and entertainment marketing with global expertise in consulting, athletes and personalities, event management, brand activations, property representation, marketing services, licensing and merchandising, broadcast, production and sales, property rights sales and talent procurement. With passionate and committed staff who offer world-class marketing-led expertise in offices on every major continent, Octagon has the ability to harness the power of fan and consumer passion to create effective and meaningful engagement platforms to deliver the desired business and brand results.

Octagon is the thought leader and most dynamic company in the field of engagement marketing in South Africa. We are a full service Brand Engagement Agency with unmatched access to resources and expertise through our permanent professional staff in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We harness the passion and emotive power of sports and entertainment to provide world-class, objective expertise over a broad spectrum of sponsorship, event marketing and brand engagement platforms.

We develop and implement strategic solutions that reach audiences in a three-dimensional environment and generate a positive return on objectives (measurable preference and loyalty).

Long-term client relationships
Experienced team with varied expertise
Respected industry leader

"We harness the passion, emotion and human connection found in sport, music, entertainment and other platforms to create and implement engaging brand programs that are relevant to our clients' customers, enabling them to touch and feel brands and products in a positive, passionate environment"


    1. Consulting

    Octagon offers various engagement marketing related services and our success is built around our ability to understand consumers. At Octagon we understand the emotive power and business potential behind fan passion better than anyone else, which is why we are uniquely positioned to translate passion into business performance.

    Octagon's marketing experts do more than create big ideas. Octagon develops programming that truly engages consumers and delivers a maximum return on objectives. No other agency spends as much time getting to know the fan as a consumer. Through aggressive, on-going research, we understand fans as customers by uncovering hidden truths about the ways sports and entertainment impact their lives.

    To demonstrate our commitment to understanding fan passion, Octagon employs its global proprietary research Passion Drivers™ which is the sponsorship industry's first detailed analysis quantifying why fans are passionate about the sports they follow and how this understanding can assist brands to leverage their commitment more effectively.

    2. Marketing Services

    Octagon's event management experience extends both to South Africa and into the rest of Africa. It covers a diverse range of key platforms such as, Soccer Tournaments, Tennis Tournaments, Product Launches, Talent and Fashion Shows, Mall activations, Music concerts, University Activations, Fan Viewings, Summer Beach Fests and Loyalty Programmes. Examples of such events are: Kia Champ Into The Arena, MTN Campus Challenge, MTN Summer Mall Activations, Mastercard UEFA Champions League Fan Viewing, Standard Bank School Sports Festival, Michelin Product Launches, Sony Feva Pitch, MasterCard Style Week, and previous events such as MTN SAMA's, MTN Durban Fashion week, Coca-Cola Colab Live on Tour, My Coke Fest, the 5fm Summer Tour and the Smirnoff Experience. From creation to execution, Octagon's highly experienced event management team will deliver a brand experience beyond expectation meeting the platform objectives and adding value to our clients business.

    3. Broadcast and Media

    Our television arm, Octagon Broadcasting and Media (OBM), is Africa's leading independent integrated media and sports production company. Over the past 10 years OBM has produced hundreds of hours of innovative live or packaged programming.

    The Rights division deals with all the main global buyers of sports programming as well as creating pioneering advertiser or syndicated funded effective solutions to our client's individual needs. At the core of all projects is evaluation backed by transparent monitoring and measurement.

    OBM handles both 'in' and 'out of house' client's niche content production, formatting and repurposing, now equipped to HD. The division works closely with Octagon's Consultancy and strategic divisions creating integrated engagement platforms for B2B and B2C communications through AV and or DVD production.

    Octagon Broadcasting and Media has exclusive relationships with the IOC, FIFA and the African Broadcasters Union (AUB). For the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, OBM became FIFA and the AUB's exclusive media agency, selling over 28,000 ads across 40 territories generating $'millions for its client. OBM is retained to perform the same role for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ also. In 2012 OBM became the IOC's exclusive partner for Sub Saharan Africa, including Nigeria, which saw it directly contract with 31 African national broadcasters, creating a unique African broadcast facility in London, producing a 5 hour daily feed of the London Olympics and delivering it to Africa via satellite, as well as acting as the media agency for commercial inventory within the coverage. No other company can offer such a complete service in Africa.

    4. Rights Sales

    Octagon Rights Sales Division focuses on selling unique events and opportunities to brands throughout South Africa. After careful research into the growth of certain sport and entertainment passion points, we create 'Octagon Owned Events' which we sell to potential sponsors. We also partner with other companies and properties that we believe the market is looking for and will find attractive. With over twenty years of experience in Rights Sales around the globe, Octagon uses successful models to deliver exceptional value to our partners and sponsors.

    5. Octagon Events

    Octagon are constantly creating and developing new concepts for clients and in doing so, have slowly realised the opportunity of being able to create its own events, thus, the birth of Octagon Events. The first 2 events to be launched in 2012 are different and edgy with an exciting twist that will shake up SA's sporting events calendar.

    6. Africa Division

    We have offices in 4 countries outside South Africa:
    • Ghana
    • Nigeria
    • Kenya
    • Mozambique

    Our primary focus in these offices is consumer engagement, consulting and event management. We've delivered projects for clients such as Samsung, Standard Bank, MTN, Mastercard throughout Sub-Sahara. The key highlight for this year was the Samsung activations at the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon and the Mastercard European Champions League 2012 Finals in Lagos.

    We believe Sub-Sahara Africa presents the most potential for growth for South African brands and we are proud to be part of pioneering that growth. We've been doing it for the past 7 years now and we believe that Africa, is indeed rising.

    7. Additional Services

    Octagon has industry leading expertise in the following areas of brand engagement marketing to enhance our service offering:
    • Strategic Planning and Research
    • Event Fulfilment Activation (warehousing, logistics and branding management)
    • Merchandising & Licensing

BEE Status

Octagon's Black Economic Empowerment strategy is executed on three levels:
  • Octagon is currently a level 3 contributor
  • Equity Participation - Octagon SA is 100% owned by a consortium of prominent black businessmen


Octagon is the recognized, global thought leader in passion-based, sports & entertainment marketing. We offer a 360 degree approach to harnessing the emotive power of sports and entertainment content to measurably increase a sponsor's brand awreness, consideration, sales and loyalty. With more than 800 employees globally, Octagon manages/influences billions in worldwide sponsorship rights fees and activation. We work with hundreds of blue-chip corporate clients, more than 800 athletes & personality clients and manage more than 13,400 events per year. Leading stakeholders in the sports and entertainment world continue to look to Octagon to provide leadership in understanding fans' passions and how these insights can build more effective, efficient and measureable marketing programs.

Octagon is the local and global solution for everything sports, entertainment and brand engagement. From world-class events to multinational corporations to various rights owners, Octagon is fortunate to work with a diverse range of leading brands and organizations, all of whom have one thing in common - they believe in Octagon's people and their ability to deliver exceptional results.

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