We are a flexible activation and media company that develops and delivers activation and media solutions that translate into SALES.

We deliver brand messages to consumers on a one-to-one or face-to-face basis, which ensures consumers do not tune out or ignore the message.

We are passionate about delivery and the quality of implementation.

Our activation and media solutions are ZERO-BASED and span the TOTAL SPECTRUM of the South African trade, consumer & shopper base!

We have a national infrastructure of people, offices and warehouses to ensure effective implementation.

We are a Black Empowered company that is focused on job creation & implementing BEE principles.

Provantage Media services include:

Provantage Activation Media

* Mall Activation
* Shoppa Shows
* In-Store Activation
* Brand Vans
* Task Force & Special Projects
* School & Campus Activation
* Intersection Activation

Provantage Transit Media

* Taxi, Train & Bus Advertising
* Vehicle Branding
* Rank Activation
* Blitz Teams
* Leaflet and Sample Distribution

Provantage Transit TV
Introducing SA's 1st InTaxi Television Station that will reach over 2 million viewers per month.

* Primary market: Economically-active urban taxi commuters nationally
* Transit TV has been operationally tested for a 6-month period and an independent Markinor Research Survey confirms the following regarding the efficiency of this powerful new medium:

A fictional product only advertised on Transit TV for 6 weeks generated (32%) unaided and a (66%) aided recall with commuters. An advert for Kick-Off Magazine generated unaided recall of (51%) and aided recall of (85%).

Provantage Events

* Product Launches
* Road Shows
* Conferences
* Publicity Stunts
* Staff Incentives