Oomph! Africa are activation and experiential marketing specialists. We have access to South African and African markets and bring brands to life by creating award-winning experiences.

Oomph! Africa are the leaders in all-in-one activation and experiential marketing solutions. Our extensive experience in the industry has equipped us with comprehensive and specialist knowledge of the markets we work within (we currently operate in South Africa, East Africa, parts of West Africa and North Africa). Our list of services caters for all requirements and budgets, and we even tailor make solutions just for you!


Beach activations: Places of leisure are where consumers are relaxed, open to marketing communication messages and thus increasingly willing to participate in promotions. The Oomph! Team creates fun in the sun through interactive activations; facilitating competitions; events and festivals while creating brand awareness!

Hit squads and in-store promotions: Take your brand anywhere and everywhere! We can visit high traffic areas and offer wet demos and sampling, as well as tastings, new product education tours, limited offers, trade shows... the works! Let Oomph! hit those crucial point-of-purchase spots for you and see the results for yourself.

Roadshows and gig rigs: Road trips equal high visibility, interactivity, a brand message that's taken directly to your consumer while creating hype and excitement. Our rigs command attention and come in various sizes to suit your needs.

Wholesaler/trade activations: Independent retailers and traders take your brand directly to your target market. Plus shoppers trust them as a first port-of-call. Get in with them, and you have a reliable pipeline to the consumer!

Events: From music festivals and concerts to road shows and corporate affairs... it would be easier to ask what Oomph! doesn't do!

Community events marketing: We use our community contacts to locate events that are part of your brand identity and will be attended by members of your target market. By sponsoring community events, brands show that they care about the markets within which they operate and aren't in it to exploit the market. Ikhotha ey'khothayo - take care of those who will take care of you.

Mall activations: Mall activations target shoppers who are already planning to spend their money. With the influence of the Oomph! brand ambassadors, shoppers are informed and educated while being persuaded to try something new.

Tailor-made activations: Our strategists work hand-in-hand with our creative team to come up with campaign solutions that will take your brand to new heights. Whether its tried-and-tested you're after, or cutting-edge innovation, 12 years of experience means we can deliver - whatever your needs might be.

Competitions and game shows: What could be more interactive than game shows and competitions? But its not all frivolous fun; these events are designed to create maximum interest and participation.