Mediamark is a specialist media solutions company comprising Mediamark Radio, Mediamark Digital, Mediamark Events and Mediamark TV. We operate in a rapidly changing media environment, with over 100 staff concentrated in the major regions of South Africa. Our focus is the creation of exceptional partnerships, bringing together different media worlds to create an entirely new one.

As one of South Africa's leading media marketing solutions providers, specialising in regional radio marketing and sales, Mediamark Radio offers advertisers the opportunity to benefit from a single-minded, regional focus with the ability to target specific listeners through spot-on localised content.

Mediamark Radio represents seven of the nation's best-loved radio stations. Together, our regional stations cover South Africa's Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KZN and the Cape Metropole delivering significant reach across the country. Mediamark Radio has won the Radio category at the MOST Awards for five consecutive years (2009-2013).

*Source: Rams 2012/2Mediamark

Our aim is to be the leading media marketing solutions provider in Africa. How? By formulating partnerships with key websites, and providing advertisers with targeted and focused website solutions.

Mediamark Digital offers advertisers access to over 2 million unique users (effective measure), representing Howzit.MSN, one of Africa's largest sites, Skype in partnership with sister company Kagiso Media as well as the official websites for most of its radio partners.

*Source: Effective Measure

Consumer brands, such as our radio and online properties, use on-the-ground events and activations to engage and interact with their audiences. This is a vital part of any radio station or online property's marketing mix. They ensure connectivity, brand immersion and a tangible experience for consumers. In turn it promotes trial for new listeners, as well as loyalty and increased time spent listening for current users.

Bringing your brand to life by capitalising on the above is a great way to cut through the clutter and use the power of our brands to target specific communities to experience your product on air and on the ground.

Mediamark offer a variety of events and activations from Health Walks to Lifestyle events and, via our Tiered Sponsorship Model, there are multiple entry points for all brands at all budget levels. All packages offer category exclusivity and integrate an on air strategy with on the ground activities so your association to our flagship events are amplified to the entire radio station audience.

Every campaign is tailor-made to suit your brand and marketing needs, while Mediamark will work closely with you and our stations to ensure that your specific objectives are met and tracked.

Mediamark recognises TV and audio-visual media as a key component of the consumer's media journey. As part of our strategy to participate in the TV media sales environment

Glow is a lifestyle entertainment TV channel. It is a celebration of experiences with a bright and light family tone. Glow content is not a packaged feed, it is Eastern-inspired and South African-curated programming in order to offer the best local and international content.

The drama, the passion, the colour, the vibrancy and the taste are tailored for the modern, culturally-aware South African. We are targeting young cosmopolitan adults and families with a taste for the East.
Glow is positioned to appeal to the broader market in that it is not exclusive, religiously affiliated or culturally inclined.

Mediamark are proud to be representing this South African first and we are offering advertisers exclusive multi-channel, spot and sponsorship packages.

Glow is the first free to air offering to provide all South Africans with this unique quality content.Glow is currently available on the Open View HD platform on channel 108.