LAUNCH FACTORY is an Experiential Agency that is inspired by strategy, technology and design, working in harmony to create innovative experiences that are measurable and award winning.

Experiential marketing is two way communications between the brand and the consumer. At Launch Factory we understand this and all our creative is designed to maximise the brand experience.Because we believe that to have real value, a brand experience must live beyond the moment. To this end, we've developed a model that takes cognisance of the whole.

A model that draws down every part of the marcomms mix,tightening its focus into a single, logical message that activates consumers where it counts... in front of the shelf!

This model borrows from the future & learns from the past - applying a compelling mix of highly innovative technologies, tried & tested promotional tools & simple, old fashioned logic. Our aim to draw a clients strategy through the line to augment & enhance the entire Marcomms Mix.

We adopt a truly integrated, through-the-line solution.The traditional marcomms spectrum is being stretched ever wider - due mainly to the meteoric development of digital technology...
Simply put - consumer's access information in more places & in more ways, more often;This has opened gaps between the traditional ATL building blocks of TV, print, radio, etc;

We've spent the past 5 years developing techniques & sourcing technologies, not just to fill these gaps, but to interweave & cross-reference the ATL in a way that makes the whole far greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

Call us and we can show you how we do it!

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