South Africa boasts some of the sharpest creative minds in the world. The large number of international awards garnered annually by local advertising agencies bears testimony to this.

The Pendoring Advertising Awards, established in 1994 by all the leading Afrikaans media role players, focuses on promoting and rewarding outstanding Afrikaans advertising.

As such, Pendoring has grown into a prestigious event on the advertising calendar since its inception, with considerable cash prizes for category winners, bursaries for students and a study tour abroad for the Prestige Award winner.
Over the past 17 years, Pendoring has, however, also become much more than just an awards event - it has steadily grown into an ongoing campaign aimed at creating greater awareness of the importance of Afrikaans advertising and marketing among marketers, creatives and the broader public, culminating in the prestigious annual Pendoring Advertising Awards.

Through Pendoring, the creators of advertising messages (agencies), the messengers (media) and heartbeat of Afrikaans communication (consumers) in fact join forces, providing a solid anchor for Afrikaans.

But Pendoring is also proudly part of the bigger South African picture; hence the addition of the category Truly South African to recognise and reward advertising excellence that best embodies this pride across all 11 official languages.

Pendoring is also unique insofar as it is the only competition where traditional media competitors put aside their differences to work together towards reaching mutual goals, namely acknowledging and rewarding excellent Afrikaans advertising and emphasising the importance of Afrikaans marketing messages to reach a lucrative target market.

For the 17th consecutive year, Pendoring is inviting agencies and companies that realise the value of Afrikaans advertising to a significant and sought-after target market, to strut their stuff by entering the Pendoring Advertising


Although the advertising industry is inundated with advertising competitions and awards each year, Pendoring is the only competition of its kind that focuses on the promotion of outstanding Afrikaans advertising, which undoubtedly is the best vehicle to speak directly to the heart and minds of Afrikaans-speaking consumers, according to authoritative research results.

In these changing times, Pendoring plays an increasingly important role to allow Afrikaans to take up its rightful place in the advertising landscape.

Gone are the days that Afrikaans has to take a back seat. In fact, Afrikaans is flourishing like never before, particularly in the music and media arenas. Even non-Afrikaans speakers increasingly slip into colloquial Afrikaans.

With their unique local flavour and content, Afrikaans publications, radio and TV programmes consistently shine brightly at prestigious media awards such as ATKVeertjie, AdMag and Pica.

Afrikaans speakers have emerged from their cocoon and openly express their support and love for their home language. They yearn for more Afrikaans, forcing business to take cognisance of Afrikaans-speaking consumers and their needs.
However, it goes far deeper than the emotional.

Despite the emigration of many South Africans, including Afrikaans speakers, the Afrikaans market still has considerable purchasing power, as is evident in authoritative research studies such as the All Media Product Study (AMPS) and others.
  • Although Afrikaans-speakers represent a mere 15% of the South African population, they account for some 28% of the country's total household expenditure.
  • Afrikaans is the third largest home language after Zulu and Xhosa.
  • 10.6million (33%) South Africans can read or understand Afrikaans.

Invariably, companies that realise that it makes good business sense to advertise in Afrikaans, reap rich financial rewards.
By creating and advertising in Afrikaans and entering Pendoring, the continued existence as well as the development of innovative and creative Afrikaans advertising is also secured. This, in turn, not only leads to a healthy and dynamic advertising industry, but provides a significant investment in the future of the Afrikaans media.

Speak to the Afrikaans target market in its home language, and Afrikaans speakers will empty their wallets! Send your Pendoring entry - with a hefty study bursary of R50 000 the Prestige winner can roll abroad!