CoreXalance was established in July 2007 and started trading in January 2008.

The main motivation of the company is to create excellence in every business, growing our own and sharing what we have with others. Our services include a consolidated, cost effective sustainability rating on debtors and credit risk management for creditors. Not only do these services protect the creditors from writing off bad debt, but it also helps the debtors to remain sustainable. All of these services promote applying best practices and systems that have been tried and tested over many years.

The CoreXalance Logo is a symbol of the way we conduct our business. The vortex has two starting points, representing the creditor and debtor information we receive. This information is brought together in the centre of the vortex. In this "core" the data is consolidated, analysed and distributed back to the two respectable sources. This entire process creates Credit Monitoring Excellence - hence CoreXalance.

We are results driven in our delivery - but people focused in our approach. We go into the core of any business and create excellence by building relationships that strengthens the industry networks and challenges average performance. The CoreXalance team operates in unity and is driven to keep on doing it better every time.