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Afrozaar is a mobile and enterprise services software development company. Our leadership team have accumulated 50+ years of working together on many Java enterprise solutions for multinational organisations both locally and internationally. We believe that through key corporate partnerships centered around software innovation of mobile and cloud based solutions, strategic objectives can be achieved together. We get excited about small niche and specialised projects based around mobile and/or cloud apps, as this allows us to remain nimble and competitive. We work with the best, determined and innovative coders and designers available. Our teams work hard, play hard and try to have as much fun as they possibly can, as it is in those moments that true inspiration and creativity is revealed.

Our Team
The team's specialist skill-sets, experience and personalities compliment each other to achieve a dynamic culture and innovative solutions. Our team members' origins are in commercial Enterprise Java solution design and development for leading organisations. Their roles and responsibilities have spanned project management, enterprise architecture, solution design, development, technical and strategic IT consulting. They are all advocates of Open Source Software and are extremely passionate about designing and coding for Google's and Apple's product and service offerings.

R&D and Innovations
Afrozaar's R&D roadmap is based on the strategic objectives of our customers. We align our vision and strategy with our customer's. Through open and collaborative relationships, we seek to provide true value add at the right time to the marketplace. Afrozaar seeks business synergies with great technology.

Within each Afrozaar member is a burning desire to investigate, challenge, innovate and experiment with technology. We have, in collaboration with a number of R&D initiatives, designed and developed niche development frameworks across both enterprise and mobile platforms. Our team members have proven their ability to research and deliver on the job, provide accurate estimates and efficiently utilize the appropriate effort to achieve the desired technical and business objectives. Our R&D has proven to increase performance and quality of our solutions.